Welcome to Chicago

Welcome to Chicago and the Chicago Summer Classic. Announcement at the gate for the flight here. "The plane outside is 'not good'" WHAT??!!! They moved us across the airport to another plane and gate. Then we find out that the AC on the original plane that came in from Fort Myers, FL was bad. HA.

How crazy is it that on the way to the hotel I run into Magic 16s coach Leon Garvis. Look Away coach. But now that I'm here, I will Stay The Night. After all, this basketball thing is a Hard Habit To Break . Therefore, there will no "Along Comes A Woman" saga to this (while a mistress has advantages, it might upsurp my powers in the Kingdom and that would be no good). Nothing like 6 straight days away from the real life for this basketball life. Love Me Tomorrow co-workers? I can say with One Clear Voice (OK, that's cheating, it was a Peter Cetera solo hit, just seeing if you're paying attention) that they won't! Wait a minute, they could enjoy it. Not worth thinking about.

Enough of the lame Chicago references (no I wasn't the Target Center to see them last Wednesday but I did see them in 1992 in the Old Kingdom also without Cetera). 43 Hoops comes off a big championship in Cincinnati. That event is one of the big Adidas tournaments of the entire season.

Thursday is relatively quiet here at the Chicago Summer Classic. 43 Hoops Harris has a big game with the Illinois Wolves and PNR 17s have Team Stat (more below). Friday is lights out. Net Gain has all 3 of their games (Mac Irvin Fire, Martin Brothers and Team Stat with top 5 2011 kid Austin Rivers, Doc Rivers kid). Pump N Run 17s will be a different look as they take on Mac Irvin Fire and Rising Stars Gold after seeing Team Stat on Thursday. Team Stat takes on Mac Irvin Fire on Friday night to end Friday's match play in a game that tons of fans and coaches alike will be watching.

Saturday finishes up match play and the brackets get underway. MN Heat Elite have picked up Spencer Pankonin and Max Watts from Wear Out The Net which are very nice pickups. Jay Sewer from TNL was playing in Indianapolis with the Fury from what I heard.

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