Teams and The Czar hit the road for July

Monday begins the 1st of 2 July periods where the D1 coaches can get out and evaluate (but not talk to) prospects. This period runs from July 6-15 before the coaches get a break before the 2nd period of July 22-31. This first session breaks into 3 available events.

Event 1 (Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Cincinnati)
Milwaukee's Next Level Invitational has Net Gain and a full MN complement of Howard Pulley (Harrison Barnes will probably be at one of the big skills camps that start this recruiting period). The top 2 Comets teams also make the trip. ECI East with Breckenridge star Joe Terfehr is in the same pool with the Comets-Seevers group. Comets-Hanson gets one of Wisconsin's best with the Playground Elite in their pool. Howard Pulley (with Calcaterra and Jacob Thomas) has a tough pool with Meanstreets (who I think are coming to the PNR tourney) and Jordan Dystrka's Martin Brothers squad. Net Gain has to contend with Flavien Davis of the Wisconsin Scholars in their pool and the Iowa Barnstormers. The Barnstormers were final 4 at the PNR tourney in April behind Rasham Suarez (all-tourney). They also have 6'8 Nate Buss who has committed to Northern Iowa since the April tournament.

At the 16U level, Howard Pulley has 2 clubs attending. Their 2nd club has the WI Playmakers and star Paul Jesperson in their pool. MN Magic has a good Bay City Hoops (WI) club and a loaded Iowa Barnstormers team in their pool. MN Comets and Team Minnesota also attending

At the 15U level, the top Howard Pulley club has the Playground Elite and a loaded Martin Brothers team in their pool. MN Suns and the 2nd Howard Pulley team also playing.

Semifinals and Finals are early Thursday which could cause some hassels if anybody makes it that far.

43 Hoops travels to Cincinnati for the Adidas It Takes 5ive Classic. 2 pool games on Monday before bracket play on Tuesday with finals early Wednesday.

In Indianapolis, a big MN group of teams attending. Big Game Sports, Mpls Redhawks, MN Fury (3 teams), Magic Black, MN Select (both), MN Glory, TC Elite and the SW MN Stars.

Period 2 (Chicago, Louisville)
MN Glory and the MN Select teams then continue on to Louisville for the Kentucky Hoopfest.

I'll be in Chicago for the Chicago Summer Classic. A loaded field with all 3 top Iowa programs (Barnstormers, All Iowa Attack and Martin Brothers) coming down from Milwaukee. This event features Pool Play and Match Play (whatever that means). In pool play, MN is well represented with MSB, MN Heat Elite and the Mpls Redhawks. MN Wrath, Mpls Stars (who?), Team MN, MN Heat Elite, 43 Hoops Grant, and Mpls Storm (who?) are in the 16U pools. MN Suns, Net Gain and both 43 Hoops teams represent in 15U.

Match Play should be very interesting. 43 Hoops Carr gets 4 tough games against Mac Irvin Fire, Playground Elite, Rising Stars Gold and the Illinois Wolves-Mullins. 43 Hoops Harris gets another Illinois Wolves squad, All Iowa Attack Red and Velocity Red before they move into the 17U championship bracket. Net Gain gets a different Mac Irvin Fire team, Martin Brothers, Team Stat (LOADED Florida team) all on Friday. The PNR 16s and 17s are here too. The 16s get the same schedule as the 43 Hoops 16s (except its Rising Stars 16s vs 17s), but they don't look they'll get a shot at each other. The PNR 17s get Martin Brothers, Team Stat, Mac Irvin and Rising Stars Gold 17s. A very different format than anything I see during the summer.

The period ends with the Pump N Camp on the 12th and their tournament on the 13-15th which I'll be at. You also have Net Gain and 43 Hoops in Milwaukee for the NY2LA Summer Jam. Howard Pulley will be at the Peach Jam with their top team with the rest of their guys in Kansas.

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  1. 43 Hoops Update for you for It takes Five.

    17U go 1-1 finish 2nd in their pool and advance to the gold.

    16U - Carr team goes 2-0 gets a bye in the Platinum bracket. Not sure about Grant's team but I believe they won their first game but not updated with their second.

    15U - Nate's team goes 0-2 but advances to Platinum bracket by point differential. Gameli goes 0-2 and plays in the gold pool bracket.

    Observations - I understand Gameli is playing up but i wonder how many of these kids are playing down! Break out the birth certificates!!


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