09-10 Section 4A Preview

Rolling on with the 09-10 Season Preview series, I move into part 2 with a look at the 11 metro area sections. This week a look at the bottom 3 classes. To start, a look at section 4A. If you missed any of the previews, you can find links to all of them on the Section & Conference Previews page.

A ugly year in section 4A as there's very little to be excited about. I'll put everyone in here based on the section website listing of the subsection members. 1 huge favorite and only 1 possible threat to that.

Defending Champion: Minnesota Transitions

North Subsection Predicted Seeding:
  1. Maranatha
  2. PACT
  3. West Lutheran
  4. Heritage
  5. Ascension
  6. Spectrum
  7. Four Directions
  8. AFSA
  9. Liberty Classical
  10. Calvin Christian
  11. MN North Star
Maranatha has to be the favorite here with Darien Pittman at the point and Josh Hanson. Beware of Austin Rink and PACT. These 2 teams meet at the tiny PACT bandbox on February 5th in a game that could determine the #1 seed. Michael Lindberg could spring West Lutheran to an upset but that might be a stretch in a weak subsection that may have only 2 teams over 500. Ultimately, it won't matter as the winner is just another sacrificial lamb for the south winner.

South Subsection Predicted Seeding:
  1. Minnesota Transitions
  2. CHOF
  3. New Life
  4. St. Agnes
  5. Humboldt
  6. Bethany
  7. Lion's Gate
  8. Community of Peace
  9. St. Paul Prep
  10. Math & Science
  11. Hmong Academy
  12. Prairie Seeds
  13. North Lakes
In the south, there's MTS and everybody else. Don't be shocked if MTS has a chance to put up a state record for points in their 1st round game. CHOF and New Life are down this year and the rest of the subsection is just as bad as the bottom of the north subsection. Look for MTS to sleepwalk to the section title game.

Eliminate the early rounds and just get to the final 4. I expect regular season rematches in the subsection title games (PACT/MCA, MTS/CHOF).

Section Winner: Minnesota Transitions. The Wolves are the clear favorite as they have the top player in the section in Kevin Noreen and the most talent even without him. Any game besides Maranatha in the section championship will be a blowout.

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