Best of Opening Weekend

For those of you who were following along this weekend on Twitter you'll know the results of the games I saw.  Here's some of the top sights from the weekend.
  • Pizza at both places.  Can never go wrong with that.  Though they were out for the second trip to the concession stand.
  • I'll fly Midwest Airlines again just for the hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookie.
  • I get to Wisconsin Lutheran hike up 35 steps only to find out that I have to go back down the stairs to get in as media.  I almost needed an oxygen tank.
  • Kenosha Tremper may have gotten hammered by Nicolet (that's Nick-o-LAY for you Minnesotans, not Nick-o-let) but their high blue and white striped socks left a lasting impression.
  • Milwaukee Marshall and their blue hoodie warmups.  I first saw them last year at the East Metro Showcase and they're back.  Locally, you'll get another chance to see them (hint)
  • Heard Will Smith's "Switch" so much during the 2nd game on Saturday, I wanted the PA guy to switch the song.  Remember, don't download, go out and buy the record.
  • Interesting that Bo Ryan and Greg Gard (UW asst) showed up to watch JP Tokoto (more on him later) but didn't stick around to watch Quevyn Winters.
Now to some game thoughts.
While some of the games weren't high profile, 5 of the 6 games on Saturday were decided by 5 points or less.  The last 3 came down to the final possession.  Very fun to watch

Dominican vs Catholic Memorial right down to the last minute on Friday night.  Back and forth with clutch shots on both sides then an illegal screen call with 18.7 left is huge.  Dominican's guards are studs, especially soph Jamall Taylor who came up huge with a jumper and assist in the last minute.  Their matchup with Johnson just before Christmas should be outstanding.

Highlight play of the weekend had to be 7 footer Ben Mills (Boise State signee) running out on a bad 3 by Milwaukee Washington and getting a thunderous 2 handed dunk on the break right before flyswatter Jon Macklin hung on the rim with him.  Crazy play.  But Arrowhead blew a 13 point lead in the 3rd quarter and needed a Mills FT with 3 seconds left to win the matchup of #3 vs #4.  Interesting to see Arrowhead run dribble-drive motion with a 7 footer, but they have the guards to do it.  Mills finished with 23 points, 10 boards and 3 blocks.

#5 Milwaukee King came back from 8 down with 5 minutes left vs #8 Menomonee Falls to win in OT.  #4 national soph JP Tokoto with only 7 points.  Only 2 1 bounce jumper attempts in the halfcourt.  Everything else in the open floor.  Nothing in the halfcourt run for him which was really surprising.  King star soph Arroyo Edwards did a nice job faceguarding him much of the night.  But he had a bunch of steals by getting hands on passes.  Very active and athletic.  The hype is legit.


  1. What do you know about any possible Division II players from these games? I know a couple coaches from SMSU were out there.

  2. Yes I forgot to mention that a pair of the coolest guys in the NSIC were in town. I got to talk to them quite a bit and even heckle them about taking up seats intended for Bo Ryan.

    Guys who would fit into that D2 category would be Silas Mills, Jon Macklin, Myles Henry, Derrick Cook from 2010, 2011 guys would be Ben Stelzer, Nick Romanowski and Charlie Fischer.

    Henry was a toolbox guy in Nicolet's win on Friday, nice performance doing a bit of everything. Romanowski is a bruiser, reminds me a bit of Taylor Hanson but less skilled. Cook reminds me a bit of North's Kevin Thompson. Macklin is a major flyswatter but he'll end up going juco. Stelzer hit 7 triples but was 9-28 shooting. Many of those were rushed and left short. Is he athletic enough to be a 2, does he handle well enough to be a 1.


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