30-Second Timeout with PACT's Mick Hedberg

A new feature this season as I introduce the 30-second timeout on Sundays.   10 quick questions on the life of the random basketball player.  The questions will be the same, but the answers should be rather different.  In honor of my small school opener on Thursday, I begin the series with PACT's 6'1" guard #34 Mick Hedberg.  He averaged 8.1 points per game last season and will be one of the leaders with Austin Rink this season.

What's the best gym to play in besides your own?
Definitely Maranatha Christian’s gym, there is always great atmosphere

Who's the best player you've played with or against?
I would probably give the nod to Jordair Jett from St. Bernards, he was an incredible athlete, with great instincts.

What's your favorite road trip memory?
A couple years back we took a road trip down to southern MN to play Spring Grove high school and Houston high school on back to back nights (and won both). We stayed at a small hotel in between games, and the whole trip was awesome.

What's the toughest road gym you've played in?
There isn’t one that stands out in my mind, but St. Bernards was tough; the lights were a little off color and it is a smaller/older gym, but the atmosphere was good.

Who has the toughest crowd to play against when you're on the road?
Personally, I find the toughest crowds to play against are the silent ones… so from last year probably Providence academy or Minneapolis Southwest.

What's your worst road trip memory?
Worst road trip memory would be from two years ago. It started snowing on our way to Bethany Academy, and we ended up sitting in traffic for almost three hours. By the time we got there, there was only time for a shortened half of the junior varsity game, before varsity.

What's the favorite song on your iPod?
That is definitely a tough one… I’ll go with the classic “Eye of a Tiger"

What's your favorite game day food?
My favorite pre-game food usually varies a little bit year to year; but some pasta and chicken is always good.

What are you doing when you're not playing basketball?
If I’m not playing basketball, I am probably studying, lifting, working, or hanging-out with friends.

Who's the person most influential in your basketball career?
The most influential person in my basketball career has probably been my brother; I’m not sure if I would have ever started playing if he hadn’t gotten me started. Honorable mentions to my coaches and teammates, who always make me better.

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