09-10 Section 4AA Preview

This is the 15th preview in my season preview series. In this 2nd section preview, a look at section 4AA. If you missed any of the previews, you can find links to all of them on the Section & Conference Previews page.

17 teams in this year's section 4AA, but it may be more about what's gone (Jordan with favoirte name player Yuriy Maleshenko and Holy Family, all of the talent that St. Bernard's had etc). The West top seed may not break the 500 mark and the East once again has the power.

Defending Champion: St. Bernard's

West Subsection Predicted Seeding:
  1. Brooklyn Center
  2. Breck
  3. Edison
  4. Trinity
  5. Blake
  6. Roosevelt
  7. Providence
  8. MN Internship Center (or Intl School possibly)
Wow is this subsection ugly. Brooklyn Center is the only team I see breaking the 500 barrier and they'll need to be better in the 2nd half then past years. The bottom 3 teams are really bad, the remaining teams won't sniff the top half of their leagues.

East Subsection Predicted Seeding:
  1. Minnehaha
  2. St. Paul Academy
  3. Concordia
  4. St. Bernard's
  5. St. Croix Lutheran
  6. Arlington
  7. Mounds Park Academy
  8. International School
  9. Great River
In the east, Minnehaha is the top team with division rival SPA right behind them. Then fill in the Tri-Metro East, then the class A level independents. International School should really be in the west, but I'm just going off of what the MSHSL site has.

Section Winner: Minnehaha Academy. Clearly the best team but their subsection title game with SPA or somebody from the Tri-Metro East isn't even that appealing. Only Brooklyn Center would break the top 5 in the East. These games aren't as appealing as the weak section 4A games which is pretty rare.

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