Week 1 Metro Hoops Preview

So after 2 brutal girls games that went to the mercy rule and 10 WI boys games its finally time for the MN boys season to begin.  My schedule is posted for the week with games at CHOF and St. Louis Park.  I'm in Iowa on Saturday to check out former Como Park frosh coach John Carrier's South Tama County Trojans.  Season totals are up to date on my season totals page which I update throughout the season.

As to the rest of week 1, I've posted a preview over on my Star Tribune blog (read that here).


  1. hi there, another big matchup??? isnt Columbia Height playing Bloomington Kennedy...Jacob Thomas vs Alipate??? Side note, heights got another guard that i watched at the heights scrimmage thing last saturday...the kid is amazing or so he was that day. def stole the show from Jake Thomas. The kids name is Zach...has the ability to shoot the jumper or 3s or can drive to rim at any time. They played sibley and made sibley look like they shouldnt be ranked at #2. LOL

  2. Alipate plays at Jefferson and probably wouldn't guard Thomas anyway. Columbia Heights wins that one big. But Deron Murphy could go off for Kennedy in that one. Zach Lofton is very athletic and has a chance to become a very good player. But I did see him go 1-14 in a fall league game.

    If you've been paying attention to my comments on Sibley, I think they won't live up to that ranking. Very disappointing fall for them. MTS took them out easily tonight in the St. Bernard's scrimmage.

  3. You and I have the same level of foreknowledge about how good CHOF will be, who knows? maybe some unexpected star will emerge!

  4. yeah i def. agree with you, and yes been paying plenty of attention. HS will not live up to that, the "big guys" arent consistent enough. Yeah i hope Zach plays as well as he appeared at the scrimmage. But i hear he has a rep of transferring schools if he doesnt get his way.... Thanks again Czar..

    your stuff is always good!!!


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