A weekend of Iowa basketball

Is this heaven?  No...its Iowa

Bolshevik!  I should have taken the left at Albert Lea.

I had the chance to spend Friday and Saturday in Iowa following former Como Park frosh coach John Carrier's South Tama Trojans.  Coach Carrier got his first career varsity win at his Trojans took out Waterloo Columbus on Saturday night.  Interesting that all league games are boys/girls doubleheaders in the Little Hawkeye Conference.  But the Friday adventure in Knoxville was lots of fun.  Great building, good fan support and a crazy ending in the women's game where South Tama lost because they had 6 on the floor with 19 seconds left in a tie game.

Very crazy with how tight the games were called.  Very very very touchy calls were the norm.  A whole extra level beyond the hand-checking emphasis we have here in MN.  Just crazy.  South Tama was down 9-0 in fouls in the first quarter of Saturday's game.  Not all were touch fouls, but it really hinders the ability to get out and get after people.  Between that and coaches having to sit all game, its a very different atmosphere.

The South Tama building looks like an oversized gazebo from the outside.  2 levels with 7 rows of bleachers per level on each side with a set at 1 end.  A big scoreboard with 4 sides hanging above center court, seat backs like Bethel and the kids singing the school song at center court after the game make the environment one of the most unique I've ever seen in all my years.


  1. TC Hoops Czar- A trip out to Holy Angels tomorrow night would be worth the drive! Larry McKenzie faces his former school in Patrick Henry in a nonconference matchup!

  2. That game would be worth it. That's a great challenge vs his old team. But since I'll be sporting the Holy Angels gear at Washburn on Thursday, I'm going to be at the MTS/Minnehaha game which should be a clash of titans.


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