Opening Night at the SAL

And to think I was going to have the better game.  Props to Michael Much for picking the competitive game tonight.  Very surprised Coon Rapids took Forest Lake to OT.  Zach Riedeman with 35 big ones in that game.

I was at CHOF for their home opener with Heritage.  Cody Sarbacker not with CHOF which is a huge loss at the guard spot.  Heritage lost a bunch of seniors and a transfer.

Heritage's star Nick Parkhurst out of the gates quickly with a triple, a 3 point play and a layup and 2 more.  12-4 Heritage 5 minutes into the game.  1st half really goes nowhere from there.  CHOF 15 1st half turnovers but they hang around to be down 30-24 at the break.  Parkhurst with 14 points.  CHOF soph center Tyler Strandlund with 9 points.

2nd half is just ugly for CHOF.  Strandlund gets their 1st field goal of the half at the 8:50 mark.  But the lead is 20 at that point.  The rest is bench time.  Heritage wins 58-39.  Nick Parkhurst finishes with 23 points on 9-19 shooting with 5 rebounds.  Tyler Strandlund leads CHOF with 16 points on 7-21 shooting, 15 rebounds and 8 blocks.

For Heritage, they attempted to run some Swing Offense, but nothing much out of it.  CHOF attempted some 1-2-2 zone and diamond press.  I had CHOF for 26 total turnovers which didn't help the cause, but the main issue for both of these teams is finding some help for the stars.  Dan Leidall chipped in with 16 points for Heritage.  4 of their 6 scorers including Parkhurst return next season so improvement awaits.  Nobody else for CHOF with more than 6.

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