2010 State AAU Qualifier Pre-Thoughts

For the most part, seedings hold at the state qualifier but with the seeding process often being somewhat laughable, there are plenty of chances for lower seed teams to play up to their real seed.  Read the full schedule for this weekend at Champlin Park here.

Top 2 seeds in each of the 6 pools move on to the championship round.  The top seed is Fury Blue as there is no Pump N Run, 43 Hoops or Howard Pulley Black so the best of the best aren't playing but just about everybody else (sans SW MN Stars) is included.  I like Fury Blue and Comets-Seevers to hold serve in pool A.  Fury Gold should win pool B.  Triple Threat without James Fort has the element of danger vs Old Skool or SW MN Heat (not to be confused with Stars who are in KC this weekend).  Wide open race for the 2nd bid from that pool.  Pool C with Glory showing up at the seeding meeting to earn the 3 seed has one of the more interesting pool games against MN Wrath at 10:15 on Sunday morning.  The matchup of Bronson Scheff and Ben Kortuem defending Glory sharpshooter Andres Broman is one to watch there.

Heat Elite and Howard Pulley White head up pool D.  Bretson McNeal, Terrance Averyheart and Clarence Thomas make for a high-scoring trio in the backcourt for Howard Pulley.  Heat Elite will have their hands full to hold serve in that pool.  Magic Elite and WOTN Gold head up Pool F and they played 2 nailbiters at the Sabes Invite 2 weeks ago.  3:15 Sunday is the last pool game and expect it to determine the winner.  Finally in Pool E, we have Magic Westside showing up for the seeding meeting to earn the 5 seed.  If they don't beat WOTN Black on Friday night, they may not win all weekend.  Comets-Hanson (biggest shaft in the seeding in the 17s and Heat Sprang are my picks to move on.  Those 2 meet at 2 PM on Sunday.

Also top 2 seeds in these pools move on.  Comets Elite and Heat Black are a quality matchup in Pool A (10:15 AM Sunday).  MN Suns appear locally and have the top Fury team in their pool.  But without Marcus Tyus, that's a different Fury team.  I still see Fury out of pool B though.  Pool D has another Fighting Irish sweep on my list.  Pool E, I'll take Howard Pulley White with guys like Ben Glover and Tommy McDermott leading the way.  Heat Elite def Glory to steal the top seed in Pool F at 11:30 AM Sunday.  Pool C has quality balance with WOTN Gold, Magic Elite Gold and Comets Stock.  The St. Paul Warriors round out out the pool.  I think that's a topsy turvy pool with 3 top teams even and the Warriors despite being 0-4 last weekend did have a chance to win 3 of those games, including 1 against Comets Stock.

Top 3 seeds in the 4 pools move on in the 15s.  The biggest shaft in all the seeding goes to tNBA who somehow got stuck as the 4th team in pool C despite a 22-4 (or so) record to this point against quality competition (they played PNR Maroon to the wire in Iowa last week).  I think they win pool C but if the MN Select top 15s are there then its interesting but I don't think its them.  Heat Red will have something to say in that pool as well.  Fury Blue a big favorite in pool A.  WOTN Gold advances from there as well.  Mack Johnson can really shoot it for WOTN.  Pool B looks down so if Kayshiva Shaw is still with River City, I wonder if they make a run.  Comets Elite and Heat Black top Pool D.

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