Memorial Day weekend travels

A pair of Minnesota's best take to the road this weekend.  Howard Pulley finishes division play at session 3 of the EYBL.  This week, the Nike teams are in Los Angeles.  A favorable draw for the Panthers but they have a tough one against 2nd place (1 game back) Louisiana Select at 7 PM Saturday night.

Pump N Run and Minnesota Heat Elite are in Chicago.  Pump N Run gets put in the 1st superpool with Terry Porter Elite and Grassroots Canada.  Expect Grassroots Canada to be here in July at the PNR tourney.  Director Ro Russell also had his high school club here at the Augsburg Tourney.  Super 8th grader Andrew Wiggins figures to move up and play with the 17s this season.  Terry Porter Elite rolled to the championship of the Heat tournament on the same weekend as the Pulley tournament.

If Pump N Run finishes 2nd in that super pool and Heat wins their pool, the teams could meet in the quarterfinals.  Pump N Run's 16s and both 15s are both in Chicago as well.  Top teams in those levels also stuck with Grassroots Canada in the 1st super pool.

Locally, MYAS is in St. Paul and at Robbinsdale Cooper.  At Cooper, a pair of Magic 19U teams are playing along with the Wisconsin Terror.  They have a couple of NW Wisconsin kids worth watching in 6'5" shooting forward Tyler Forsythe and guard Eric Effertz.  Minnesota teams will get a look at them at the Dakota Showcase in Sioux Falls at the end of June.

Finally, with this being Memorial Day weekend, remember all of the veterans out there who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we all enjoy.


  1. Czar,

    Long time reader and first time author. What's your take so far of the AAU season? Be interested to hear your comments.

    I'm very impressed with the Pulley and Pump accomplishments so far. Just this past weekend for Pulley to go 4-1 in that EYBL deal and then for PnR to get to the 17 and 15 Championship games (lost) in Chicago leaves me impressed.

    Again, love reading the blog.

  2. Thanks Suttle. Hard to argue with Pulley winning their tourney and going 11-2 in the EYBL (+1 win by forfeit for 12). Love their 16s with Tyus Jones too. Zach Lofton really blowing up for Pulley. But I'm still not sold on Joe Coleman's shooting. Definitely something I'll be watching during the season.

    PNR doesn't have the tourney titles like last year's 41-3 start but hard to argue with what they've accomplished in Denver, Atlanta and Chicago along with the double OT loss to the Barnstormers at their own tourney in April. I'll see them in the next couple of weeks over in the 43 Hoops league.

    PNR and 43 Hoops 16s have both exceeded my expectations, big rematch this weekend (cheap promo, read more tonight). Their 17s meet June 14th and that will be epic.

    Fury Blue 17s have been impressive, especially those 2 wins in Kansas, but there's something about Fury Gold I like better. Grit and offensive punch. Fury 15U Blue club has been really good too. tNBA and MN Select 15-Focke deserve mention (more on their rematch tomorrow). PNR Maroon has been mostly good but a couple of surprise losses and the Black squad won the Select tourney.

    Select top 17s have disappointed but the 2nd team has made up for it. Size of the Comets-Hanson squad can't be ignored and how can I not mention Jayme Moten (even if he did cut his hair).

  3. Thanks for the comments. You mentioned the PnR - 43 Hoops contest. What tourney are they playing in?

  4. 43 Hoops and the PNR 16s are projected to meet Sunday in the MYAS state championships in Farmington.

    The 17U teams play June 14th at 9 PM at 43 Hoops in the 43 Hoops Summer League.


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