The other championships this weekend

I'll have my predictions and thoughts on the AAU State Championships tomorrow, but those aren't the only games of note this weekend.  Let's take a look at the MYAS State Championships and the Dakota Schoolers Summer Classic

At the Schoolers classic, 2 pools of 17s.  The first pool has the SW MN Stars and South Dakota Heat Red (or Black depending on your preference).  That's the Casey Schilling (Ellsworth) and Jalen Voss (Worthington) squad against Marshall's Caleb Johnson, Windom's Holt twins and the Stars.  Voss played with the Stars last summer.  They play each other Saturday night at 6:30 and I wouldn't be surprised if its for the pool title.  In the other pool, you have the other 2 South Dakota Heat teams, the Dakota Schoolers and EOTO makes the trip from the metro.  Love the matchup of 7'2 Josh Monroy (Heat Rushmore) vs 6'8 Cedric Lang (Schoolers) on the block.  South Dakota State signee Zach Horstman is a force on the wing for the Schoolers.

In the 16U division, EOTO sends their black squad to the first pool of 5 teams.  Zach Huisken (if he stays at 16s for the Schoolers) is this pool along with Ellsworth's Dalton Huisman for the South Dakota Heat East group.  9:40 Friday night EOTO vs Schoolers, 12:40 Saturday EOTO vs SD Heat East.  The SW MN Stars 16s and MN Southside are in the other pool.  They play each other at 11:30 on Saturday morning.  Southside's Joey King should have a big tourney in that pool for Southside.  Very surprised that Southside isn't playing up in the 17s in this tourney.

As to the MYAS championships, the best game is out in the middle of nowhere at Farmington (move it back to the Colin Powell Center).  Huge matchup in the 16s with Pump N Run and 43 Hoops on track to play in the 4:10 PM final on Sunday.  Best of all, the last of 3 straight championships in the AAU state tourney is at 2 PM so there's plenty of time to make the run from Jefferson.  43 Hoops got a late putback in the PNR Spring Classic title game to beat PNR 62-61.  PNR with a late lead in that one and couldn't hang on.  Expect another classic in that one.  43 Hoops has added Marcus Tyus since that game which is a nice addition to their offense.  PNR has struggled shooting the ball the last couple of weeks which is something they have to do well to be successful.  PNR tried to switch on Marcus Marshall off the high ball screen in the last meeting, do they keep the same strategy in this matchup?

The MYAS 15U championships are at Hopkins.  Both Pump N Run 15s are there and on opposite sides of the draw.  MN Jaguars could see the Black squad in 1 semifinal while Mpls Select likely has the Maroon group in the other semifinal.  Championship is at 12:40 PM on Sunday.


  1. 43 v. PnR. Interesting game to see the rematch so hopefully it'll occur. I'm not high on Tyus and I'm not sure he adds a whole lot to the mix with Marshall already on the roster. Intersting add imo.

    43's bigs aren't asked to do a whole lot and will struggle to guard the perimeter based offense of PnR. Guard match up goes to 43 as Marshall is very solid.

    Guarantee with the loss earlier in the year PnR will be ready to play. Should be a great game. I'll take PnR in this one as they've just played a much more rugged schedule and performed well during the stretch.

    The only caveot is PnR relys so much on outside shooting and that can come and go.

    15U won't be a contest as Maroon seems to have found a nice stride.

  2. So what do you think now after the game and 43 Hoops just beat them a second time by 15+? It seemed that the 43 bigs were a factor to start out in the game and PnR wasn't as ready as you thought.

    Your thoughts?

  3. KeepItReal, you make it sound like I picked PNR by 15+ which I didn't. All I said was that PNR blew a late lead in the 1st meeting so they should be motivated for the 2nd meeting. Is that not a reasonable assessment? That certainly doesn't mean Al Harris wouldn't have his club ready.

    Without seeing the game I can't comment on the details, but not shooting the ball well (and only 46 points for PNR would seem to show that) has nothing to do with being ready. Bigs being a factor in the game does surprise me as both teams are dribble-drive teams with the stars being guards/wing players. 43 has an ability with guys like Tyus, Marshall and Gray to create offense in the lane that PNR doesn't (outside of Sanjay Lumpkin and maybe Carnell Shephard). I'm not surprised 43 won. While I predicted a tight game, both teams are good enough to win by double-digits if they hold the opponent down on offense. Give 43 credit as it appears they got it done on defense which is no surprise.

  4. 43 hoops is an amazing team hands down, especially with the addition of Marcus Tyus who is a huge threat on the offense and can really make things happen. 43hoopspimp you dont know what your talkin about cause Marcus Tyus is a really good player just check out his varsity stats for anoka when they finally started giving him some playing time and eventually made him a starter, Anoka is also one of the top teams in the state and Tyus is starting for them as a sophomore so he can obviusly play, 43 also has other scoring threats such as Marcus marshall, 43 getting Tyus is a good descision because this will take some pressure off Marshall. Also 43 hoops bigs such as Duke Anyanwu are very versital and can really play and do it all. Plain and simple 43 hoops is the team to beat and not many teams can do it.

  5. What I love about the internet is people like Keepitreal and CRC25 come on a site after the game and starting talking about how great this player is and that player is etc. Pretty easy to pick a winner after the game is in the books.

    What I like about the czar's column is he talks about matchups and makes projections. It's called an opinion.

    Now as far adding Tyus to the mix it still is an odd add in IMO. They both reguire the ball and don't seem to play that well of one another.

    As far as liking Tyus or not. Saw the kid play a few times this year and thought he is good but I'm just not as high on him on this team.

    43Hoops is not an amazing team. They are an overachieving team with a great player in (Marshall) and some good players and some role players. Nobody has supported 43 hoops over the years more than me but the reality is they are a good instate team.

    Amazing teams win in National tournaments. If that happens, nobody will be more happy than me but it doesn't change the fact that I call them as I see them.

  6. Well said pimp. The competition outside Minnesota is an entirely different world.

  7. 43hoopspimp i knew the outcome of this game before it was even played because i know marcus tyus and have played with and against him, 43 beat PnR in the first meeting and this time they also have tyus on the team, so there was no way they would lose cause if they did somehow shut down marshall then Tyus could do his thing, I do believe that this team has the talent to do good at the national stage especially if Tyus and Marshall can start to feed of each other.

  8. And yes the competition is completly diffrent outside minnesota, but my team Minnesota fury gold went to iowa for the kings of the court classic and we played 2 D1 prospect teams and of course we lost, but that 43 hoops team can compete with them and probably beat them by double digits if they play there game, Czar you should deffinatly keep track on this 43 hoops team and there upcoming schedule.

  9. CRC, if you go back in the archives and look at my coverage of the PNR tourney in late April, I watched that 43 team (no Tyus) beat top teams from Wisconsin and Iowa earlier in the day before that 1st win over PNR.

    But that's entirely different than on the circuit. I still think lack of size and depth are concerns on the national stage. Coach Harris also doesn't have the kind of athletes he's had in the past to lock people down. But this a far better scoring team than he had last year at 17s.

    As to Tyus, Anoka finished the season 6-7 against the meat of their schedule and he didn't stick out in any of the big games. For a sophomore he played well though. A nice pickup for them but I don't see him as a national difference maker.

  10. Hey Czar, its been a minute....
    I can't help but get into this discussion about AAU, who's good, who isn't, etc.

    I think when its all said and done, even though these are 2 of the stronger programs in the state, the bottom line is they're still kids.....and u never know with kids! They play great one day, and they stink it up the next. What I'm trying to say is anyone can beat anyone at this level (any of the good teams atleast), so sometimes you just never know.

    For instance, 43 beat PnR twice, but Net Gain beat 43, but Comets beat Net do we assume they're the best team in 16U because of this, I don't. Its all about matchups and who's playing good on that particular weekend, or in that paricular game, thats all.

    So for the record, 43 is a very good team, but so are a lot of others. As far as teh out of state and circuit thoughts, I think kids are kids and basketball is basketball. If you're good in MN, then you're probably good in other states as well, we give other places waaaaaayyyy too much credit sometimes and sell ourselves short. Look at how well Howard Pulley is doing in the EYBL games, that should prove that point somewhat......thoughts??

    Also Czar, will you be covering the Hoops Classic at Bethel this weekend? Looks like some pretty good high school squads are getting together to play some, which is always a nice change of pace from all the AAU stuff

    let us know please!

  11. Well it's out in the opening that you have been a 43 Hoops supporter for a while. Frankly I just stated my opinion as well and asked some open ended questions to keep the debate going.

    As for the game and my post I had just saw your comment after the game and that's why my response was late but either way I clearly just asked your thoughts after the fact that it was a different result than you had projected 43hoopspimp.
    As for the opinion on whether Tyus was a good addition or not? Well I would say that you should come and see the two play together. That is a legit assumption that two very good players may not be able to gel together on the same court, but that's where a coach comes in to help the young men with that and by the looks of the last two weekends since Tyus has been apart of the team they seem to have a handle on the situation.
    I also see that you and the Czar have an opinion about where the 43 Hoops 16U team stacks up locally & nationally? Well if there is any question now where they're locally I don't know why? IMO, they are the best 16U team in Mn hands down, and I think they have proved that not only with there record but opponents played.
    Nationally is a different story and is yet to be determined, but July is right around the corner. But from there past tournaments as Czar has said, they did beat Wisconsin Swing, Iowa Barnstormers, Bound 4 Glory (Iowa), Kansas Select, & Minnesota Pump n Run (Twice). I believe the only National losses they have were to Kingdom Hoops & Indiana Elite both games by single digits.
    I can't say the same for the Pump n Run Club.
    I know I'm about Mn Basketball first and truthfully I want nothing more to see all athletes from Mn to do well, but I ask you if 43 Hoops isn't ready for National Basketball then what 16U team is?
    43hoopspimp, you said it yourself that the Pumps had played a much more rugged schedule, which I beg to differ, but if so and you said they performed very well during the stretch then how could the 43Hoops team not do the same since they beat them twice?

  12. Best discussion we've had in a long time here. Nice input all. Hoopaholic, at times we do give the national circuit too much credit and they don't give MN much credit. But based on what I've seen at the national level and of these 2 teams, I'm not sold.

    Sometimes A vs B vs C has meaning (MTS beat Roosevelt by 50 who beat Providence by 50 who beat Math & Science by 50, MTS beats M&S by 100). Other times it doesn't like in your scenario. Very hard to pick the difference. Matchups are very meaningful.

    As to the Hoops Classic, TBD. Agreed that its a nice change of pace.

  13. KeepItReal, don't forget about the top Howard Pulley 16s. We're not saying that 43 isn't ready for the big stage. Coach Harris and his guys will definitely be competitive. But its one thing to be competitive and another to be a major player on the national stage. Just look at last season at 16s and now this year. Major difference. Swing and Barnstormers are 1 thing, it'll be another level nationally. I think we can all agreed that we hope all of our MN teams do well on the national stage in July.

  14. Keepitreal,

    I've only seen 43 play sans Tyus so it's possible I'm incorrect on whether Marshall and Tyus can play well off one another. That being said, it would be pretty unusual for two pg's to play in a game at the same time and both be productive. Maybe Marshall shifts to more of a 2 guard etc.

    I probably know more about PnR than a person with a 43hoopspimp moniker should but as I've followed this age group for about 4 years now....In any event, PNR has defeated the Cal Double Pump team and played KC PNR to a 3 point game or so in Denver. They played okay at the Prather and beat Canada Grassroots. I believe PnR is playing well above where anyone thought they would going into the season.

    43 had a nice win at the PnR classic where I saw them play 3 times. I was left with the thought that Marshall is the heart of that team and if he is shut down.......although I do like the Blaine wing a lot as well.

    To me the difference with the two teams is 43 has scorers while PnR has shooters. If the 3 ball falls for PnR (they shoot a ton of them) then they are tough. 43 doesn't need the 3 as much as they can create more off the dribble etc so I like that ability a lot and sprinkle in the 3's.

    Bottomline it's difficult to say who the best 16u team is but HP White, 43, Comet's Elite, PnR, Net Gain are in the mix.

  15. I have an idea.....since most teams slow down for the month of June anyway, why don't all the coaches of these teams get in contact with each other, arrange a mini-tournament at a neutral site, get some of the better officials that we've seen at some of these tournaments and just go at it!

    Take all the teams (43, PnR, Net Gain, both HP's, Comets, even the Heat and Southside, last years state champs and the Czar LOVES Joey King) throw their names in a hat and set up the brackets, winner gets all the bragging rights!

    I know this is only wishful thinking it would never happen....too many politics and too much pride comes with something like that. Otherwise at this point there's no way to say who's best....aint no best!!!

    As far as the Marcus Tyus debate, I can say this....the kid has improved temendously over the last couple of years, and one would have to admit he's become pretty good. I've watched him over the years with the Heat, and last year with the Suns, and he didn't standout at all. Well he's obviously worked on his game and his confidence is through the roof....Averaging double figures on a team that was ranked at one point, as a sophomore isn't easy guys, we have to give credit where credit is due.

  16. Hoop, HA!. Yes The Czar is a big Joey King fan and I haven't even seen him play this summer. Shameful.

    I've had an entire tourney concept along the lines of what you mentioned in my head for a while now. But you're right the politics (amongst other things) would keep it from happening.

    As to Tyus, what he did last year at Anoka is a very good year for any sophomore. He definitely deserves the credit and he'll be a big factor for Anoka in the next 2 years.

  17. What were you thinking, I'm would it play out in your mind?

    Czar who are some of the players that have impressed you more this spring, and who are some of the guys out of this class (2012) that you can see really making it to D1? I've been told by lots of people that this is the deepest class ever, and some expect more division 1 signees than what we saw from the class of 09 (which had like 31 if I'm not mistaken), what do u say?

  18. hoopaholic33,

    Marcus Tyus didnt stand out last year with the suns because he broke his foot and was out for most of the aau season and when he came back he was putting up double digit numbers and then went into his sophomore high school season and eventually made himself a starter and if you look at his stats when he finally started getting minutes he was averaging double digits he finished the season averaging 13.6 ppg, thats more than senior starter david moores who recieved a D2 scholarship and Tyus is only a sophomore, Tyus also shot over 50% from the field and had 6 games with 20 points or more, I believe he is one of the best sophomores in the state of minnesota. And he came up big in pressure games like against andover when anoka battled back to win by 3 at andovers home court he scored 18 points shot 60% from the field and made 2 out of 3 from outside, and also had 4 steals and he was in foul trouble now that is an amazing game for anybody and he is only a sophomore.

  19. Very difficult to compare 2012 to 2009 right now. There are a few kids on the radar for sure but you need to wait until after the July period to get a real feel.

    Not seeing the height however of 2012 to garner the looks the 2009 class did on the high major side. That was the unique thing about that class was the 6'8 + size. In terms of D1 2012 definitely is a class with some nice potential.


    Clock is ticking on this bunch. Others to add?

    Tyus should certainly be one of those kids with a strong July. 48 assists for the year makes me think 2 guard more than pg. So maybe that's why the transition to 43 has been relatively seamless according to others.

  20. Bauman from WOTN has to be on that list too. I have to correct myself on Joey King as I did see him at the PNR tourney (didn't play well). As to my tourney concept it would be play for local bragging rights and then advance everybody to bracket play. But again, politics amongst other things would keep it from happening.

  21. Hmmmmm, ok well what do you guys think about these names and their potential.....Washington, Dunn, Blakemore, Love, Sheppard, Suggs, Montero, Tillman, and Glover all 2012 guys?

  22. Washington, Dunn, Blakemore, Love, Sheppard, Suggs, Montero, Tillman, and Glover

    Washington has huge upside that people love. Blakemore needs to be more sound, but he's got another gear that I like.

    I love Stahl's production, I just don't know what to do with him at the next level.

  23. The rest, break them down please.....

  24. Doh, I thought I deleted that 1st line. I put that list there so I could go through it. At my own risk, here's the rest.

    Montero, productive, 2 or 3 though?

    Dunn, smart, good shooter. Ball skills continue to improve. Athleticism is a question.

    Love, undersized. Decent athlete. Just made a comment on Facebook about playing point guard. I might pay to see that.

    Suggs, athletic enough to be a 3, needs to develop perimeter game.

    Sheppard and Tillman, size questions. Tillman can definitely lead a team though and both are good enough shooters at the 1. Does either have the extra gear?

    Glover. Definitely athletic enough as I saw him posterize somebody at the AAU qualifier.

  25. I pretty much completely agree with those comments for the most part Czar, I guess they all have 2 more years to do something about it either way. Love at the point.....funny indeed, that kid is a straight comedian I swear! I actually got a chance to see him and Blakemore play TOGETHER at Bethel yesterday in that high school classic, and they played outstanding together. Both had moments of being flat out dominant. Blakemore looked very comfortable with that Henry group, hmmmmm.....

    Love does need to develop more of an outside game, no question. I was talking to some people close to his dad about that recently....unless he's going to have a nice growth spurt suddenly, he really needs to get fomfortable facing the basket and putting it on the ground from more than 10 feet out. I have to admit though, I did see him dribble the length of the court a couple times yesterday, and he also shot a nice amount of outside shots, so there's still hope.

    I also saw Sheppard there as well, along with Trent Pollard.....very strong backcourt for South! Both are super solid and neither is scared to attack which I love. Sheppard the better outside shooter by far, but Trent is good at the runners and floaters in the lane, maybe a step quicker even. Size will be an issue for them (right along with 80% percent of the teams in the state) but their speed should make up for things somewhat.

    From what I see and have seen, most of these guys could for sure play D1, but it would be more on a mid to low major level. U have to have that out of the ordinary height or out of this world "gear" to play at the highest levels if you're undersized. Once they figure that out and work on those areas, the sky is the limit for these kids!

  26. Czar,

    What do you think about Marcus Marshall, Siyani Chambers, John Hennessey, Duke Anyanwu?

  27. ohn Hennessey, Duke Anyanwu?

    Chambers has the Pulley machine to help him. Great defender and calm. I think bigger athletes can pressure him due to him being undersized.

    Marshall, explosive scorer. Is he a 1 or 2 at the next level. Anyanwu is a nice wing who has steadily improved. It'll be very interesting to watch him at Blaine this year. Hennessey I haven't seen.


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