Move it all to Arlington

I've thrown this out before and I know the St. Paul City schedule is already finalized, but I really like the idea of playing all St. Paul City Conference games at Arlington.  A quality venue going to waste would be a shame plus I think it could do some really good things for generating interest in city basketball.  Revenue and site management could be shared among the teams.  Being these are all city kids who are all over the place anyway, I don't see travel or the associated costs as an issue.

From the start of the 2011 calendar year to the Twin Cities game, you have 9 full weeks starting with January 3rd, 2011.  With 6 league teams (no Arlington remember), that means there are 30 league games to be scheduled. If we go 1 game every Tuesday night, 1 game every Friday night and a Saturday afternoon doubleheader, that's a total of 36 slots.  You can't use the last Saturday because of the annual Twin Cities game.  St. Paul also takes the Tuesday after Martin Luther King day and President's Day off.  Not in my kingdom, but I do take out the 2 Saturdays with that "holiday" weekend.  Move the final Friday night of the season to Thursday night for the final game and voila you have 30 slots that can be used.  I'd also make sure that there would be no Friday night/Saturday afternoon back-back games for a team.

Teams could always move the games if agreed.  Ex: Johnson moving a Friday game to Thursday due to their East Metro Showcase.

That would give a team 10 league games with 16 games to fill.  There are 3 weeks in December + a holiday tournament that could be used.  So lets say 6 games in December (Friday/Tuesday games) and a 3 game tournament.  Now we're up to 19 games with 7 to fill.  9 weeks at 5 possible game days per week (throw out Wed/Sun for sake of discussion).  That's 45 days.  Subtract 10 conference games.  Down to 35 days.  Under my proposed schedule, each team would play 4 Saturdays and therefore have 4 Saturdays available for a non-conference game including the Martin Luther King weekend which is a popular tournament weekend.  Every Monday and Thursday would be open as well which is a common non-conference game night.

Proposed Schedule
Tue Jan 4: Johnson vs Humboldt
Fri Jan 7: Como Park vs Harding
Sat Jan 8: Johnson vs Central, Highland Park vs Humboldt
Tue Jan 11: Central vs Highland Park
Fri Jan 14: Johnson vs Harding
Sat Jan 15:OPEN
Tue Jan 18: Como Park vs Humboldt
Fri Jan 21: Johnson vs Highland Park (likely move to Jan 20 due to East Metro Showcase)
Sat Jan 22: Humboldt vs Harding, Central vs Como Park
Tue Jan 25 Como Park vs Highland Park
Fri Jan 28: Central vs Humboldt
Sat Jan 29: Highland Park vs Harding, Johnson vs Como Park
Tue Feb 1: Central vs Harding
Fri Feb 4: Harding vs Como Park
Sat Feb 5: Central vs Johnson, Humboldt vs Highland Park
Tue Feb 8: Humboldt vs Johnson
Fri Feb 11: Highland Park vs Johnson
Sat Feb 12: Harding vs Humboldt, Como Park vs Central
Tue Feb 15: Highland Park vs Central
Fri Feb18: Harding vs Johnson
Sat Feb 19: OPEN
Tue Feb 22: Humboldt vs Como Park
Fri Feb 25: Humboldt vs Central
Sat Feb 26: Harding vs Highland Park, Como Park vs Johnson
Tue Mar 1: Harding vs Central
Th Mar 3: Highland Park vs Como Park

In terms of schedule balance, everybody plays 4 times on a Saturday.  Tuesday games are 4 each for Central and Humboldt, 3 for Como Park and Highland Park and 2 for Harding and Johnson.  Friday games are 4 for Harding, 2 for Central and Humboldt, Como Park with 2 and the final game.  Highland Park with 1, the final game and the East Metro Showcase rescheduled game.  Johnson with 3 and the rescheduled Highland Park game.

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