The day before the big matchup

As I write this it's 24 hours before the big showdown of 17U teams as Pump N Run will play 43 Hoops.  Its a 9 PM game at 43 Hoops that will have the building to itself.  7 of the top 8 players in the 2011 Minnesota Preps rankings are on the rosters.  Here's a pregame look at what I think is notable.

Roster Exceptions
Don't know if 43 will be at full strength.  Pump N Run will be without Kyle Noreen and Shelby Moats due to college visits.  The Noreens continue their west coast swing as they visit Portland, Washington State and Montana.  Moats starts a marathon 11 school tour including Rutgers, Connecticut, Harvard and Boston College just to name a few.

The Factors
  1. Estan Tyler and Joel Lindberg vs 43 Hoops pressure defense.   
  2. Jake White vs Pump N Run interior play.
  3. Jordan Smith vs Roosevelt Scott
  4. Pump N Run depth
  5. Ross Travis and Jonah Travis
Estan Tyler and Joel Lindberg vs 43 Hoops Pressure Defense
Pump N Run with an advantage at the point guard spot and they'll need it.  Expect 43 to come after PNR with run and jump traps and a 1-2-2 3/4 court pressure.  Not only to create turnovers, but also to increase the pace.  Tyler is as good as they come in Minnesota at the point and Lindberg is one of Wisconsin's best.   PNR could also use Jason Perkins to handle as well.

Jake White vs Pump N Run Interior Play
Pump N Run's offense is predicated on their ability to get post ups out of the Swing Offense.  Jake White is 43s best interior player.  If he gets in foul trouble, that gives Pump N Run a big advantage inside.  Even if White is in there, PNRs shooting isn't a strength.  That's especially true in this game with 2 of PNRs best shooters being gone (Noreen and Moats).

Jordan Smith vs Roosevelt Scott
Scott's atheticism can give almost anyone fits when he plays defense.  Smith is one of the state's best shooters and while he's not the most athletic, he makes up for it with smarts.  It'll be a long night for PNR if Smith goes off.  Its a matchup of 2 of the state's premier 2 guards not named Joe Coleman.

Pump N Run Depth
These games are 2 25 minute halves with running time for the 1st 20 minutes of each half.  Players get 6 fouls and there are 2 full and 2 30-second timeouts per team.  With 2 players being gone and extra long halves, a fast pace doesn't help PNR.  It'll be very interesting to see what they have left in the tank late.

Ross Travis and Jonah Travis
These 2 are the calling cards for their teams.  Pump N Run doesn't have a great matchup for Ross and 43 doesn't have a great matchup for Jonah.  Bottom line, big time players need to come up big in big games.


  1. Nice summary. Disappointing there will be so many PNR no shows but I suspect any time during the summer you'll have a same/similar type issues.

  2. Yeah, there's really no good time to do it. Best we can hope for is that the teams meet in Chicago and/or Vegas (though PNR isn't listed on Adidas Super 64 team list right now). Should be fun regardless.


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