2010 AAU State Championship Predictions

Here are my predictions for the 2010 AAU State Tourney (schedule here)

Pigtail Games
Comets-Hanson over Comets Seevers
Heat Sprang over Glory (love the scoring of Bryan Sprang and Anders Broman in this one)
Magic Elite over Old Skool United. 
WOTN Gold over Heat Elite (arguably 2 of the top 4 or 5 teams here and they're in a pigtail game, best game of the 4)

Fury Blue over Comets-Hanson (this pick pains me as I like the Comets bigs but I can't deny Fury's results)
HP White over Heat Sprang
Fury Gold over Magic Elite
WOTN Gold over Wrath

Pulley White over Fury Blue (too much firepower from the Pulley guards McNeal, Thomas and Averyheart)
Fury Gold over WOTN Gold (tough pick here but Nick Carroll has a really tough squad)

Fury Gold over Pulley White (Fury wins with defense)

Pigtail Games
On the record, Heat Red by 70 to preserve my own personal safety (I'm not messing with Heat Red coach Andre Phillips).  Off the record, I like Heat Black in a close one.
Pulley White over WOTN Gold
Suns over Sauk Rapids
Heat Elite over tNBA.

Comets Elite over Heat Black (Comets needed a buzzer beater over Heat Black to win qualifier)
Fighting Irish over HP White
Fury over Suns (qualifier rematch, Fury won by 11)
Magic Elite Gold over Heat Elite

Comets Elite over Fighting Irish
Fury over Magic Elite Gold

Comets Elite over Fury.  Really tough road for the Comets as Heat Black has played well this season and that Rosemount group has been really good too.  Bottom half of the draw not nearly as strong.

Pigtail Games
WOTN Gold over Comets Elite
Triple Threat over Fury
River City over Heat Red
MN Select-Focke over Old Skool United Silver

Quarterfinals (all rematches from the qualifier)
Fury Blue over WOTN Gold
Heat Black over Triple Threat
Glory over River City
tNBA over MN Select-Focke (should be a semifinal, dynamite game that would be worthy of a championship).  tNBA won 61-60 at the qualifier.  No Reed Travis for Select as he should be with PNR Black at the MYAS tourney.

Fury Blue over Heat Black
tNBA over Glory

Fury Blue over tNBA in a great final

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