Moving on from the State Qualifier

A fun weekend at the state qualifier as we have Dominos Pizza.  But best of all, its the annual appearance of the world famous "hat lady".  Longtime readers will remember this fan as the one who dress as if she's attending the Kentucky Derby.  Enormous hat included.  This weekend was all purple on Saturday and all blue on Sunday.

In the 17U bracket, here are your qualifiers.

Fury Blue and Comets-Seevers from pool A, Fury Gold takes the top spot in pool B along with the winner of Old Skool and SW MN Heat.  Wrath and Glory go from Pool C with Wrath stealing the 3 seed thanks to their 80-68 win over Glory.  WOTN Gold and Magic Elite go from pool F.  Comets-Hanson played Magic Westside for the 2nd spot in pool E.  Heat Sprang takes the other spot and moves up to the 5 seed.  Howard Pulley White takes pool D (I assume they won their Sunday game) and Heat Elite took on Comets North for the other spot in that pool.  Pulley steals the 4 seed.

In 16U, great ending as Comets Elite nails a buzzer beater against Heat Black to keep the top overall seed and win pool A.  Both teams move on.  Fury Gold and Suns move on from pool  B as the seeds hold.  Fighting Irish win pool D, no surprise there, and it looks like tNBA wins the 3 way breaker for the 2nd seed.  WOTN Gold and Magic Elite Tillman move on from pool C.  Pool E was up in the air.  In pool F, Glory knocked off Heat Elite to force a 3 way tie.  Looks like Heat Elite and Sauk Rapids will move on with Glory being knocked out based on point differential.

In 15U, Fury Blue and WOTN Gold move on as seeds hold.  Looks like Old Skool United jumped up to take the 3rd spot.  Glory wins pool B and River City jumps up to win the 2nd spot in the pool.  3rd spot unknown.  In pool C, tNBA def MN Select-Focke 61-60 as the 4th/5th teams in that pool move up (2nd team dropped out).  Heat Red also moves on.  Triple Threat , Heat Black and Comets Elite go from Pool D.

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