Minnesota Swap in new Rivals 2011 Top 150

Rivals released their spring 2010 top 100 for the class of 2011.   A swap of Minnesota players is notable as Ross Travis drops out from #133 and Joe Coleman jumps in at #104.  That's despite missing a big chunk of time with an injured ankle/foot.

Here are others who have appeared locally.
#5 Brad Beal (up from #7, Florida)
#14 Myck Kabongo (up from #24, Texas)
#20 Quinn Cook (no change)
#30 Branden Dawson (down from #16)
 #132 Paul Jesperson (new)

Read the entire rankings here.


  1. That's interesting that Travis is now off the list. Quite frankly I thought he was completely overrated being on the list based on what I saw last year and all the injuries.

    Based on this year from what I've seen this year, I could see him on the list. Improved his handle and shot.

    That being said, I like Coleman on the list for sure. Not sure I see Jesperson from Sconny on the list before Travis or Moats or Tyler for that matter.

  2. Hey Pimp, hopefully you saw the other big news of the day.

    Jesperson has gaudy HS numbers playing in the northwoods. Jesperson's big games at the HP tourney were against lower teams. I'm still not convinced he'll do that against top competition as our top teams beat him up when he plays here. Travis, Moats and Tyler don't have the HS numbers which hurts them.

  3. I did see that news and I think it's outstanding for local BB. Hopefully, we get some quality referees (pardon the oxymoron) and see where the marbles fall so to speak.

    HS numbers should be considered but can be given too much emphasis. Say what you want about Noreen's h/s stats, he performed very well out on the circuit and is deserving of his looks. Not convinced Jesperson is as deserving based on the three times I've seen him play this year.


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