2011 Day 2 July Results

Here's how MN teams fared on day 2 on the July recruiting period.

Adidas Invitational
MN Pump N Run 17s beat Franchize All Stars 68-60 to finish pool play 2-1 (2nd).  Lost 46-41 to Full Package Walker in 1st round bracket play.

43 Hoops 17s now 4-0 as they beat NW Ohio 68-64 to win their pool.  Marcus Marshall 22 pts.  Then beat Florida Rams Blue 69-62 in 1st round bracket play.  Marcus Tyus 28 pts.  Sean Scott 17 and 6.  They'll play KC PNR in the round of 32.

Heat Elite 17s now 4-0 as they beat Indiana Crusaders 84-56. Josh Tismer 15 pts.  Then beat Nashville Celtics 59-57.  Mitchell Kuck 20 pts 5 rebs.  U of M asst Vince Taylor took in the 2nd half of the game.

Heat Duberry 17s lost 66-45 to Franklin All-Stars to finish pool play 0-3.  They play ACAD Elite in round of 16 of Bronze bracket.

Magic Superfriends 17s lost 68-55 to Texas Select.  They finish 1-2 but 2nd in pool thanks to tiebreaker.  Lost 79-66 to Southern Select in 1st round of Gold bracket.

MN PNR 16s lost 79-70 to Devin Harris Super Stars to finish 1-2 in pool.  They'll play Spiece Indy Heat in 1st round bracket play.

Heat Altena lost to Spiece Central Mahurin 59-48 to finish 1-2 in pool.  They'll take on Spiece Gym Rats - Daniel in bronze bracket.

Heat Ogorek lost to BA Hoyas 80-60 to finish 1-2 in pool.  They'll take on Colorado Mustangs in bronze bracket.  Both Heat teams could play each other with 2 wins.

MN PNR 15s def Gateway Basketball Club 56-34.  Lost to Meanstreets 68-59 to finish 1-2 in super pool.  They'll take on KYA Basketball in 1st round of bracket play.

43 Hoops Carr 15s beat Grand Rapids Storm Blue 63-47.  Lost to Triple Threat AKA Threat220 70-63 for 2-1 pool finish but won the 3 way tiebreaker for top seed in pool.  They'll play super pool winner CIA Bounce in 1st round bracket play.

Hoosier Shootout
MN Select White17s 3-0 in pool, lost to IWC Lone Peak in pigtail game in bracket play.
MN Select Blue 17s 1-2 (Blake Williams 8 3s and 33 points in their pool win).  They play Team Atlanta in 1st round Silver Bracket.
Team GetShook 17s 0-3.  They play Indy Home School Wildcats in 1st round Copper bracket.
MN Glory 17s 2-1 (lost today's pool game to finish 2nd in pool).  They'll play Toronto Elite in 1st round Silver Bracket.

MN Glory 16s 1-2 in pool as they won today.  Beat Select Blue in Bronze bracket opener before losing to Hidden Gems in quarters.
MN Select Blue 16s 1-2 in pool.  Won 71-64 today thanks to 7 3s and 27 points from Yasin Omar.
MN Select White 16s 3-0 to win pool.  Lost to Crons Hester in bracket opener.

MN Glory 15s 0-3 in pool.  Beat Chattanooga Titans in 1st round Silver bracket and then lost in quarters to Missouri Impact White.
MN Select Warriors 15s 1-2 winning last pool game today.  Lost to Crons-Shover in 1st round Silver Bracket.

MN Cyclones 14s 5-0.  They beat ACB (MI) 47-46 to win quarterfinal after easily sweeping their pool.  Alex Illikainen 2 FTs with 7 seconds left to win it.  They they pounded Michigan Madness 101-56 in 14U semifinal.  Jeremiah Hanson (yes another Hanson) 24 points.  Illikainen 16 pts, 17 boards.  Daniel Hudrlik 12 and 14.  They'll play BA Celtics for 14U title.

TVA 14s 2-1 but due to points tiebreaker only finished 3rd in pool.  They advance in bracket by forfeit before losing to Team Hustle in Silver Bracket semifinals.

NY2LA Next Level Invitational
Heat Phillips 14s lost 55-22 to Kingdom Hoops I (1-1 in pool). Play WI Hoyas for chance to win pool

Howard Pulley Black 15s lost 55-51 to Peoria Irish (0-2 in pool)
Grassroots 15s (1-1) beat Randolph Boys Club Blue 37-13. 
Comets Elite 15s lost 57-52 to Playground Elite.  (1-1)
Howard Pulley White 15s lost 68-17 to WI Blizzard Reader, lost 34-27 to IBA Select (0-3 pool)
Heat Frank 15s 2-0 on the day (2-1 pool).  They beat WI Shooters 71-64 and won 59-40 over IA PNR II to finish 2nd in their pool
Comets Stock 15s split their 2 games to finish 1-2 in pool.  They lost 57-33 to Racine Warriors and beat WI Blizzard Lehocky 52-38.

Howard Pulley Black 16s lost both of their games today to finish 1-2 in pool.  Top WI Playmakers team beat them 60-50.  Kingdom Hoops I beat them 57-51.
Comets Elite 16s also lost both games today to finish 1-2 in pool.  65-33 loss to Rising Stars Gold and lost 64-43 to SYF Players.
Magic Black 16s stuff is totally convoluted on NY2LA site.  Either split with a big win or lost 2 very close ones.
Howard Pulley White 16s lost both games for 0-3 pool finish.  WI Blizzard Hawley 51-44 and 59-36 to WI Shooters

MN Southside lost 70-64 to Team NLP-DF to finish 1-2 in pool but will advance to Platinum Bracket.
SW MN Stars lost to SYF Players 63-55 (not a win as previously written) and lost 51-23 to BTI PNR.  0-3 in pool.
Net Gain beat WI Playmakers 72-62 to finish 1-2 in pool. 
MN Magic lost to WI Shooters 72-60 (0-3)
Heat Biwan lost to SW IL Jets 76-38 (0-3)
Grassroots beat Playground Elite II 68-65 to finish 1-2 in pool.
Howard Pulley White beat Kingdom Hoops II 68-59.  They finish 2nd at 2-1 in pool.
Comets Elite def WI Blizzard Trautman 83-66 to finish 2-1 in pool
Heat McDonald lost 60-26 to Friends of Hoops to finish 0-3 in pool.

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