2011 Day 3 July Results

Here's how MN teams fared on Day 3 on the July recruiting period.

Adidas Invitational
43 Hoops 17s finish 5-1. They beat KC PNR 55-51 before losing Pray and Play Players and star Perry Ellis 69-64. Marcus Marshall, Marcus Tyus, Nate Kratch and Cullen Russo were the standouts for 43.

Heat Elite 17s finish 4-1. They lost to Houston Hoopstars and top 15 player Cameron Ridley (34 points) 76-55

Heat Duberry 17s lost to ACAD Elite 79-57 in their 1st Bronze bracket game.

MN PNR 16s lost to Spiece Indy Heat 68-67 in 1st round bracket play.

Heat Altena lost to Spiece Gym Rats Daniel 65-53 in 1st round silver bracket to finish 1-3 overall.

Heat Ogorek beat Colorado Mustangs in silver bracket 58-51. They then lost in the quarters to Illinois Old School 59-56

MN PNR 15s def KYA Basketball in 1st round of bracket play 77-49.  They then beat KC Pump N Run (who beat MN PNR for title in Denver) 47-42.  Reid Travis 10 points.  They then lost in quarterfinals 58-53 to Eric Gordon All-Stars.  Worth noting that the 2 teams in front of MN PNR's in pool, 1 made the semis and other was playing to make semifinals.

43 Hoops Carr 15s lost to CIA Bounce 71-37 in 1st round bracket play.  They finish 2-2.

Hoosier Shootout
MN Cyclones win the 14U Division with  69-52 win over BA Celitics.  Kobe Critchley 27 pts and 10 ast.  Alex Illikainen 12 points and 14 boards.  U of M asst Ron Jirsa looking on.

MN Glory 17s beat Toronto Elite 100-75 and Indiana Select 88-87 in 2 OT.  Anders Broman 45 points in that game.  They then lost to Illinois Crush in the semifinals of the silver bracket to finish the tourney at 4-2.

MN Select Blue 17s lost to Team Atlanta in 1st round Silver bracket.  They finish 1-3.

Team GetShook beat Indy Home School Wildcats in 1st round Copper bracket before losing to MD Hoopmasters in quarterfinals.  They finish 1-4.

NY2LA Next Level Invitational
Heat Phillips 14s lost 63-31 to WI Hoyas to finish 1-2 in pool.  They then lost to WI Academy 46-45 in 1st round of Platinum Bracket to finish tournament 1-3.

Howard Pulley Black 15s lost 58-46 to Iowa Barnstormers (0-3 in pool).  They lost 65-42 to Playground Elite in 1st round Platinum Bracket

Grassroots 15s (2-1 in pool) beat Kingdom Hoops II 54-37.  They then lost to Racine Warriors 49-25 in 1st round Platinum Bracket.

Comets Elite 15s beat IA PNR I 54-32 to finish pool play 2-1.  They lost to WI Scholars 74-61 in 1st round Platinum Bracket.

Howard Pulley White 15s 0-3 in pool but beat IA PNR I 56-51 in 1st round Gold Bracket.  Will play Randolph Boys Club White in quarterfinals.

Heat Frank 15s lost to Ray Allen Select 66-39 in 1st round Platinum Bracket to finish 2-2.

Comets Stock 15s lost 1st round Gold Bracket to Dakota Schoolers Blue 64-39

Howard Pulley Black 16s finish 1-3 as they lost 60-50 to IBA Select in 1st round Platinum Bracket

Comets Elite 16s beat WI Swing Gard 63-43 in 1st round Platinum Bracket.  They play WI Playmakers White (Comets Shootout champs) in the quarterfinals.

Magic Black 16s 1-2 in pool.  Lost 59-34 to SYF Players in 1st round Platinum Bracket.

Howard Pulley White 16s finish 0-4 with 68-65 loss to WI Swing Bench in 1st round of Gold Bracket.

MN Southside beat Team NLP-LJ 61-48 in Platinum Bracket playin game.  They then lost 72-69 to Milwaukee Running Rebels.  2-3 overall record.

SW MN Stars finish 0-4.  They lost 66-58 to Iowa Barnstormers Black in quarterfinals of Gold Bracket.

Net Gain beat Colorado Titans 61-38 in Platinum Bracket playin game.  They then lost 76-75 in round of 16 to PNR Spring Tourney champ WI Swing Litscher.  Rashad Vaughn continues to impress for Net Gain.

Heat Biwan finishes 0-4 with 60-47 loss to ECI Prospects in Gold Bracket playin game.

MN Magic beat ECI 59-54 in Gold Bracket quarterfinal (1-3 overall).  They'll play IA PNR I in semifinal.

Grassroots finishes 1-3 with 84-82 loss to SW IL Jets in Platinum Bracket playin game.

Howard Pulley White finishes 2-2.  They lost 51-48 to Iowa Barnstormers Gold in Platinum Bracket playin game.

Comets Elite def East Troy 56-54 in Platinum Bracket playin game.  They then lost to Team NLP-DF 55-39.  They finish 3-2.

Heat McDonald didn't play.  They play WI Blizzard Trautman in quarters of Silver Bracket. 0-3 currently.

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