July 2012 Open Day 1 Results

Night 1 of the open period is in the books, 3 full days await most of the players.  Here are results from Day 1 of the July 2012 open period.

NY2LA (Milwaukee)
Heat Lesewski/Bui lost to Kingdom Hoops Elite (max -15)
Net Gain lost to WI Blizzard top team (max -15)
Fury Shelman lost to WI Shooters by 3
MN Select lost to Schoolers (max -15)
Comets Elite def WI Swing Smith (max 15)

Playground Elite def MN Warriors 68-66 at the buzzer.

Magic Maroon lost to Kingdom Hoops Elite (max -15)
Fury Davis beat Schoolers 2 (max 15)
Net Gain def Ramey (max 15)
Magic Elite def Iowa Mavs Green by 32
WOTN lost to Milwaukee Spartans (max -15)
Comets Hanson lost by 10 to Green Bay Gunners

Adidas Invitational
Shot Doc def Heat Vang 70-55

Heat Altena lost 61-31 to South Florida Panthers
Heat Frasier lost 65-44 to Team Miami
Heat Ogorek def Southern Select Basketball 51-42
Heat Reese lost 60-48 to Iowa Barnstormers

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