July 2012 Open Period Day 3 Results

Bracket play underway in the1st open period, here's how the MN teams stand.

St. Louis (Mullen's High Exposure)
MN Cyclones def Kansas Heat Elite 87-44

Ames (IMBBall part 1)
MN Lockdown and MN Suns Brown both lost their bracket games.

Local (IMBBall part 2)
Howard Pulley White 17s lost 55-43 to All Iowa Attack Moore.  21 pts and 9 rebs for Peter Jok of the Attack.
tNBA 17s def La Crosse YMCA Steger 61-53
Heat Schumann 16s def Iowa Cornsharks 68-63
Howard Pulley Blue 15s def NIB Raptors 58-39.
Howard Pulley White 15s def ND Phenom 59-55

Milwaukee (NY2LA)
Bracket play is set.
Fury Shelman will take on Net Gain in the round of 16.
MN Select takes on Chicago Select in the same quarter of the top bracket.
Heat Lesewski/Bui takes on Schoolers Mueller
Comets Elite will play WI Blizzard Kuranda in a Gold bracket pigtail.

Round of 16
MN Select has a pigtail game with WI Swish for the right to play Ray Allen Select
SW MN Stars will play the winner of SYF and Milwaukee Rebels
Those 2 games are in the same quarter
Fury Grosz will play winner of IA Mavs Uthoff and WI Swing Litscher on the same side of the bracket.
On the opposite side.
Fury Dixon gets winner of WI Blizzard Pop vs ECI Prospects
In the same quarter Comets Elite gets a rematch with MN Warriors (who won a tight one at the Pulley tourney).  Winner will play top WI Blizzard team and then possibly Fury Dixon.

Net Gain takes on ECI Prospects
Magic Elite takes on Ramey
Winner of that plays winner of Fury Davis and S. Dakota Heat.
Staying in that quarter of the draw Select Blue takes on Comets Hanson
Winner of that to play WI Playmakers White vs SW MN Stars winner.
On the other half
MN Select White vs Playground Elite Wilson

In the Gold Bracket
Magic Maroon vs WI Blizzard Thomas to take on WI Shooters/WOTN winner
Comets Stock vs top WI Blizzard to play winnner of IA Mavs Putz vs Fury Newll.

Comets Seevers and Fury Ouse are in the Silver bracket.

Indianapolis (Adidas Invitational)
PNR def Ohio Phenoms 78-64 to finish 2-1 in their super pool.  Reid Travis over 20 points again.  They then beat Texas GCBC Cagers 87-77 in pigtail game to advance to final 32 of Championship bracket

Heat Ogorek lost to MBA Select in the 1st round of the Gold Bracket to finish 2-2.
Heat Reese def Illinois Exclusive to advance to final 16 of Silver Bracket.
Heat Frasier def TN Chosen Few in 1st round Bronze bracket thanks to a Robert Ben buzzer beater.
Heat Altena lost to Q6 All-Stars Elite in 1st round Bronze bracket to finish 0-4.

PNR finished 2nd in their pool and then picked up a very good 3 pt win over Florida Elite to advance to the final 16 of the championship bracket.

Heat Vang had the day off after finishing 2nd in their pool.  They'll play Michigan Mustangs in the Final 16 of the Gold Bracket
Heat Frank finished 0-3 in pool and will play Indy Ice in 1st round of the Bronze Bracket.
MN Glory 0-3 will play Triple Balance in 1st round of the bronze bracket.

MN PNR won their super pool with a 65-60 win over the WI Playground Warriors (where the Ellenson's once played).  They then lost to Indiana Elite Blaze 73-68 in the 1st round of the Championship Bracket.

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