July Fashion Police

AAU Coaches will wear just about anything.  Many comments have been made this week on Twitter about some of those items.  So as a public service to our local coaches, I've put them together and provide them there.  Here are some things that Joan Rivers would cringe at. 

This isn't baseball and you're not in the sun.  Take off the baseball cap.

Hair Style
If you're sporting a mohawk should any college coach really take your team seriously?

Its become acceptable to either dress up, wear practice gear or team gear.  Jorts don't fit into any of these categories.  There's a reason they have a bad name.  Ditch them

Flip-flops.  Really?  You can go to the beach or the bar afterwards.  The only known thing about men's feet is that they stink.  Wear shoes please.

Heaven forbid somebody would steal your expensive Beats by Dre that you and the entire team have.  But there's no need to have those around your neck during the game.

If you get a T because you couldn't hear a ref tell you "No More" because you had earbuds in, not cool.

Coach yells at his team "don't make me look like a clown".  He's wearing sunglasses which pretty clearly already destroys his message.


  1. What if the headgear is used to cover up the hair style?

  2. HA! Double epic fail, if you're going to fail do it once. Don't pile on.


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