Warming up for Summer

A nice event at Irondale as the MN Heat put on a scrimmage for a group of local teams.  EOTO 15/16s as a team and their 17s, Fury Ouse, Net Gain 15s and 17s.  Plus all the noteworthy Heat teams which makes an event all by itself.  Net Gain played without Rashad Vaughn.  He'll be attending the Reebok Breakout Camp in Philly before rejoining NGS for bracket play at NY2LA this weekend. 

A blinding day as Andre Wallace had his usual bright pink shoes on for NGS.  At least grey halfways goes with pink.  Bremiah Snyder of the Heat pulled out some construction barrel orange shoes that could only make this native Wisconsinite think they'd be better served for a drive during deer hunting season.

Despite those blinding shoe colors, Hamline, St. Mary's and UMD were in the building flying their colors so kids remember this.  Anybody can be watching at anytime.  That's very often overlooked

Overall, a ragged night of play but that's to be expected with these teams having minimal ball together over the last month (outside of the Great Plains Alliance).  But after a couple of weeks of practice, good to have another look and quick warmup prior to the teams heading on the road tomorrow for the 1st of 3 open periods this month.

For more on July, you can checkout my Northstar Hoops Report article on 5 teams to watch this July (read that here).  In addition, come back for my next article here which will be 5 players to watch this July.

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