A cross-river city showdown

Its another trip to the north side of Minneapolis and another matchup in the city league as Edison visits North.  The concession stand at North not known for the best hot dogs, so I'll stop on the way for a quick bite.  Nothing missed in a running time JV game including my beverage.  Add 12 oz of 7-up to the ledger.  One of the major fashion statements of the year from North's Julius Johnson with the Blue/Orange (think Washburn) shoes, polka dot socks and the team hooded warmup.

Game Time
Julius Johnson off to a quick start for North as he knocks down a long 2 and a pair of 3s.  The last 3 is part of an 8-0 Polars run.  13-5 North just inside of 13 minutes to play in the 1st.  But the run ends and the rim went to find some dinner.  Raol Bulchaa knocks down a 3 for a 16-10 Polars lead but that's the only field goal they'll get in almost 11 minutes after the run.  Edison goes on a 14-0 run of their own with D'Angelo Dockery knocking down a pair of 3s.  Interesting sequence during the run as North gets out on the break and draws and intentional foul on a missed shot.  They miss both free throws with the North coach somehow thinking they should have shot 4.  Then on the possession they get fouled on a 3 and miss all 3 of those.  Bulchaa makes 4 free throws to break the run.  Lee Gaines out on break with a dunk at the 2 minute mark to break the field goal drought.   Despite that, North only down 29-24 at the half.

Julius Johnson with a tip in to end a 6-0 run and cut the Edison lead to 1.  Gaines on the post and North comes back to take a 36-35 lead with 11:25 to play.  Joseph Anderson turns it on in the 2nd half with a putback and goes coast to coast for 2 more. Then another bucket off a nice feed.  48-41 Edison inside 7:30 to play.  The lead is 6 inside of 5 minutes.  Julius Johnson back in the game with 4 fouls and scores off a turnover to cut the lead to 2.  North then can't convert a turnover with a chance to tie.  Gaines in the post to cut the lead to 2 and they miss a layup off a turnover.  Frosh point guard Tyler Johnson with 2 after an offensive board.  Tied up at 56 as we go under 2 minutes to play.  2 of 4 free throws for Edison and North misses 2 chances.  Then a pair of Edison free throws for a 4 point lead with 1:02 left. 

Then an ugly last minute of trying to close out a ball game.  A bad drive that gets swatted away by Gaines.  North comes back gets an offensive rebound and almost puts it back for a chance at a 3 point play.  That just falls off and then both free throws are missed.  Then Edison throws out of a front court trap and jacks up a 3 with 10 seconds left.  That doesn't impact the final outcome as Edison wins 60-56.

Post Game
North falls to 1-6 overall and 0-4 in the Minneapolis City.  Just too many fouls and not much against the Edison 1-2-2 zone.  When Edison extended that full court they were able to force turnovers.  Julius Johnson leads the Polars with 12 points but 8 of them were quick right at the start of the game.  Frosh PG Tyler Johnson with 10 points.  I liked his poise and he showed an ability to run a team and score a little.  He'll be a quality player in the league.  The Polars make the long trek north to Red Lake on Saturday.

Edison improves to 4-8 but the 4 wins are deceptive.  They remain in a 3 way tie for 3rd at 2-2 in the City league, only 1 game behind Henry and Washburn.  Joseph Anderson with 14 of his 17 in the 2nd half to lead the Tommies.  Guard Brian Givens with 15.  Edison shot 21-31 free throws in the 2nd half alone compared to 1-4 in the half for North.  Only 5 2nd half field goals for the Tommies and Anderson had 4 of those.  When North went man to man in the 2nd half, their pressure did bother Edison but the foul shooting was the savior.  Edison hosts section rival St. Paul Academy on Saturday before a home date with Henry next Tuesday.  Then a trip to South who beat Henry at Henry by 17 tonight.

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