Panthers and Hawks get together

Off to Mounds Park Academy for a rare Wednesday night game against St. Paul Humboldt.  Hard to make it past the concession stand.  Little Caesar's cheese pizza, ice cream sandwiches and fresh cookies.  That will be very hard to beat for best concession stand of the year despite having Coke products.  I add in the required 20 ounce Sprite as well.  A little Michael Jackson "Rock with You" on the public address.  Not all MJ tonight though like Washburn earlier in the year.  And yes for the record, Billie Jean is not my lover.  The halftime music is outstanding as we get a full 10 minutes of the Beach Boys.  Surfin' Safari and Surfin' USA amongst the selections.  No modern stuff like Kokomo much to the dismay of fellow scribe Ryan James.   He did have a couple of outstanding suggestions such as Help Me Rhonda (appropriate for tonight).  So based on his suggestion of Wham, I won't keep you hanging on like a yo-yo as there was a game that broke out.

Humboldt opens an 18-0 lead less than 5 minutes in.  52-14 Hawks at the half and they cruise 86-44.  Mounds Park not playing a full Tri-Metro schedule this year and that's probably a good thing as games against De La Salle and Blake would be too much.  They're trying to build with a bunch of freshmen seeing time and their upperclassmen

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