Hope stays on top of the EMAC

Its an EMAC doubleheader with the boys and girls of Community of Peace Academy visiting Hope Academy.  Full house on hand so the early arrival was clutch.  The boys teams (along with International School) come in 5-0 in EMAC play.  Dr. Pepper is a good choice for tonight since the Midwest Players Classic tomorrow is Pepsi sponsored.  The officiating crew gets stuck doing both games so earn your pay.  Today's tune is courtesy of the PA.

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Game Time:
Community of Peace turns it over 3 times before they can even get it across halfcourt.  8-0 Hope less than 1 minute in.  CPA recovers with Edward Milton attacking the rim for 5 points.  Tobias Griffin sitting with a pair of fouls for Hope and he doesn't return the rest of the night.  He sat out icing his shins.  Steven Parker with a runner and a layup.  Parker's layup ends a 12-2 and its CPA 24-18 at the 5:15 mark.  Hope ice cold from 3.  But they counter with their own 11-2 run to end the half.  Johnny Erickson for 2 and buries an inside out 3, a great look rather than a quick hit in transition.  Nate Elifson's runner finishes it.  29-26 Hope Academy at the break.  They were in the neighborhood of 3-22 from 3 in the half.

Johnny Erickson with another 3 and the total run becomes 16-3.  But its back to back CPA 3s to hang around.  After a turnover for a Derince Melton layup and a blocked shot for a Ethan Reed hoop, its Milton to the rack again and a Ontario Chapman 3 point play for CPA.  38-37 Hope with 14:11 left.  But CPA's play is sloppy dribbling into multiple defenders rather than moving the ball.  Melton converts another turnover and puts back a miss.  Elifson deep and playable, Dashon Holcomb for 2 after a forced shot.  47-38 Hope with 11:25 left.  Johnny Erickson drives for 2, then buries a 3 and then 2 assists to Holcomb for layups.  56-40 Hope with the lead after an 18-3 run.  Elifson with an offensive board for 2 free throws and he buries a 3.  Hope's shooting greatly improved this half.  Chapman with his 4th and 5th fouls and he's gone with 5:08 left.  Johnny Erickson to the rack for 2 more.  Great ball movement finds Melton for a layup and Hope slams the door going up 19.  They go on to win 76-60.

Post Game:
Community of Peace falls to 5-1 in the EMAC and 7-7 overall.  They visit Charter Stars and host International School next week.  CPA does get 4 in double figures  Steven Parker 14, Ontario Chapman 13 and double digit boards.  I thought they did a decent job, especially early getting to 3 point shooters.  Turnovers were an absolute kiler trying to dribble thru the Hope pressure.

Johnny Erickson with a big night of 27 points to lead Hope.  He had 4 triples.  Nate Elifson chips in with a pair of 3s and 14 points.  Dashon Holcomb chips in with 11 off the bench.  Hope was very cold in the 1st half from the floor but made 6 of their 9 3s in the 2nd half.  They ended up taking 35 or 40 of them total.  They also took advantage of all the CPA turnovers.  Hope is now 10-4 overall and 6-0 in the EMAC.  They host Alden-Conger on Saturday and then a big one at home with International School on Tuesday.  Then a trip to Hmong Academy and a very interesting home game vs Spectrum next Friday.

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