Trojans march on

Its another home showdown for North vs a ranked opponent from the Lake Conference.  This time its #6AAAA Wayzata that comes calling.  Ryan Lindberg out for Wayzata.  He was in a walking boot.  We get The Rev on duty (go figure) and he was in star form calling 3 awful flops and the always insane double foul.  Mr Basketball committee on hand to watch.

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Game Time:
Its a quick start for Wayzata with Johnny Beeninga and Jack Sowada burying transition triples.  Then a nice cut by Sowada for 2 more.  10-2 Wayzata 3 minutes in and North needs to talk it over.  North comes back thanks to forcing a pair of turnovers.  Isaac Johnson converts those into 2 free throws and a dunk.  18-14 Wayzata at 10:15.  Gavin Baumgartner for 3 and he goes to the nice finish over Jamil Jackson after the Trojans blocked a shot on the other end.  That expands the lead to 33-20.  The lead would get to 15 but an Odell Wilson putback and a late Tyler Johnson 3 keep North close.  40-30 Wayzata at the break.

Wayzata hot to start the 2nd half.  Baumgartner jumper and the foul.  Sowada 2 bombs and Austin Slater for 3.  52-33 Wayzata just over 3 minutes in to the half.  Beeninga drives and goes glass and then buries a 3 after a Jamil Jackson dunk.  58-39 Trojans with 12:35 left.  Tyler Johnson with a free throw and a tip in.  That tip in starts starts a 7-0 run and the lead is down to 70-57 with 5:15 left.  5 free throws and then the lob to Baumgartner is the exclamation point.  That's part of a 13-0 run that puts the game out of reach.  Wayzata wins 85-60.

Post Game:
Tyler Johnson leads North with 15 points.  12 of those in the 1st half.  Isaac Johnson and Jamil Jackson with 10 each.  North goes 9-21 from the charity stripe in the 2nd half.  More aggressiveness got them to the line but they'll have to make those.  Not a good night defensively either as they couldn't control Beeninga or find Sowada.  North falls to 16-4 overall (all 4 are high quality losses), 8-0 in the Minneapolis City.  They are at Edison on Thursday before playing host Onalaska, WI in the Border Battle on Saturday night.

Wayzata has now won 6 in a row and 10 of 12 after a 3-3 start.  Their 5 losses are to 1,2,4,5 and 8 in the AAAA poll.  Johnny Beeninga leads the way with 24 points.  He hit 3 triples.  Jack Sowada added 4 triples on his way to 20.  Gavin Baumgartner adds 13.  Good minutes from freshman Jacob Beeninga off the bench holding his own against a very talented North squad.   Wayzata plays at Hopkins on Friday.  The 1st meeting was a 1 point home loss.  Then they return to Hopkins on Saturday to play Farmington in the Super 60 event.


  1. Why is a double foul always insane? I'm not saying it should be a common whistle but what do you suggest a ref do if 2 players of equal size are equally beating each other up??? A double foul works well to stop this garbage and get their attention without affecting the game as the ball stays with the offensive team. This does not mean officials should not work very hard to get "the first foul" but simply you are deluding yourself if you think it is always this easy. Sometimes- players repeatedly foul each other at the same time.

  2. Call the first foul. Double foul is a cop out call

  3. agree to disagree- if it is as easy as you write it then you should officiate. Like I said- it should be a uncommon call but certain situations when the post players are basically fouling each other at the same time- it sends a clear message to knock it off. Further- you clean up the game without affect the game as both teams get a foul and there is no change in possession.

  4. Never said it was easy but it is the job. It does possibly impact the game as the personal could send the kid to the bench as it did here. Why not just warn them verbally as many do and then blow whistle on next contact? Total cop out when you can't decide which kid to call it on. Call the 1st one or swallow it. Does the game no good


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