Knights take it to the limit

A quiet Wednesday schedule takes me to Irondale at Anoka.  Its pizza on tonight's concessions menu.  More water on the beverage counter.  Youth night sees 5th and 6th graders on hand to be introduced before the game and then provide the halftime entertainment.  Youth games at half are some of the most fun things to see during the season.  But above all its the 1st appearance this season of The Reverend.  He has a bad pair working with him but he doesn't disappoint.  He hands out a T and makes 2 late calls from the other side of half court not to mention a seemingly pointless discussion with the coaches that delayed the final throw in at the end of the game.

Song of the Day
Eagles - Take it to the limit

Number of Teams I've Seen: 115 (42 courts, 2 new, 2 TV games, 73 varsity games)

Beverage Ticker: 440 ounces (3460 calories) + 5.5 liters (670 calories)

  • Pepsi: 204 ounces (2300 Calories) + 1.5 liters (630 Calories)
  • Coke: 24 ounces (280 Calories)
  • Dr Pepper: 48 ounces (600 Calories)
  • Sprite: 24 ounces (280 Calories)
  • Water: 3.5 Liters + 140 ounces (0 Calories)
  • Gatorade: 500 ml (40 Calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 7
Pizza Ticker: 9
Walking Taco Ticker: 7

Game Time:
Gunnar Ledin and Jackson Sutton for 3s to push Anoka to a 6-2 lead.  Sutton adds another bomb as Anoka extends the lead to 16-10 at 13:40.  Irondale counters with a 10-1 run.  Sean Sutherlin with 2 drives for hoops and a Kevin Schramm during that spurt.  Chase Thomas 5 in a row for Anoka, soph post Jake Phipps scores and Ledin to the rack for 2 more.  Timeout Irondale at 7:37 trailing 29-24 after a 12-4 Anoka run.  Sam Mueller 2 layups for Anoka countered by a Schramm 3 from pinch post action.  41-38 Anoka at the half.  Gunnar Ledin and Sean Sutherlin carrying the offenses with 11 and 14 points respectively.

Irondale comes out hot with a 3, Schramm driving for 2 and a 3 plus a Sutherlin layup.  The Knights run is 12-4.  That forces an Anoka timeout with 14:38 left and Irondale on top 50-45.  Anoka scores and then an Irondale T adds momentum.  Ledin 2 free throws off a turnover and another hoop.  Sutton adds a hoop as the total Anoka run is 13-3 after their timeout.  58-53 Anoka with 10:50 left and now Irondale needs a timeout.  Sutherlin keeping Irondale in it with 2 3s and a cut for a layup..  62-61 Anoka 7:35 left.  Sutherlin to the rack again, Schramm a drive and lefty finish before a Sutherlin putback.  Sutherlin adds a layup off a turnover and its 71-68 Knights with 3:21 left.  Irondale then misses 2 layups, 2 free throws, makes the front end of a 1 and 1 but misses the next 2 bonus chances.  That gives Anoka a chance and its Ledin for 3 after an offensive board.  Hand down man down in the words of Mark Jackson as the defender didn't challenge.  73 all with 35 seconds left.  Irondale takes a timeout and then goes Sutherlin off the high ball screen horns set but they turn it over with 7.1 left.  Anoka takes a timeout.  Ledin cuts baseline, makes a great move to shake his defender and then right back out to the same side corner for a wide open look at the horn that just doesn't go in.  Can't ask for anything better than that.  We'll play overtime.

The overtime is all Irondale.  After THE WORLD'S WORST OFFENSE breaks down, Sutherlin drives for the old-fashioned 3 point play.  Uwana Etuk-Akpan dunks a turnover.  Irondale adds a free throw on another turnover.  Etuk-Akpan dunks another turnover  Irondale goes on to win 84-76 in OT.

Post Game
Anoka falls to 4-10 overall and they are 1-6 in the NW Suburban.  Guard Gunnar Ledin with 4 3s and 24 points to lead the Tornadoes.  Josh Larson 15, Jackson Sutton 13, Chase Thomas 13 in supporting roles.  Soph post Jake Phipps has come a long way since I watched him in travel ball.  I did like their movement in their 4 out and 5 out looks.  Anoka hosts Centennial on Friday.  Then a brutal week next week with trips to Maple Grove and Armstrong.  Then they have to host Champlin Park.  Ouch. 

Irondale improves to 8-7 overall, 3-5 in the NW Suburban.  Sean Sutherlin with the big night of 34 points to lead the Knights.  No answer for him off the bounce and he hit 3 triples as well.  He carried the offense with clutch hoops when Anoka looked like they might pull away.  Kevin Schramm with 18 before fouling out in regulation.   Irondale hosts Park Center on Friday.  Then its Andover and a trip to Spring Lake Park next week.

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