08-09 Section 7AAAA Preview

The 08-09 Conference and Section Preview series continues with our 24th preview and the last preview of the 11 metro area sections. In this edition, a look at section 7AAAA. If you missed any of the previews, you can find links to all of them on the Section & Conference Previews page.

Defending Champion: Cambridge-Isanti

Predicted Seeding:

  1. Blaine
  2. Cambridge-Isanti
  3. Forest Lake
  4. Coon Rapids
  5. St. Francis
  6. Duluth East
  7. Andover
  8. Anoka
Well I picked the 3 seed last year on talent and was wrong, so I'll pick the 3 seed again this season. Blaine has enough talent to win, but after last year I refuse to trust them until I see the results on the court. C-I returns Braden Johnson (who lit up FL in the 7AAAA final last year) and Zak Mathson so look for them to be in the section hunt once again. Forest Lake will be battle tested and they don't beat themselves. Coon Rapids has a couple of scorers that need to be dealt with. Dyami Starks will put up big numbers, but the rest of the squad has to improve before Duluth East moves up. Brett Tester could be a guy to pull Andover to a 1st round upset.

Section Winner: Forest Lake


  1. Duluth East 6th wow ! I take it you were not impressed with what you saw last year? Or maybe starks is not quite at the level of players like cole stefan. Duluth East will suprise a lot of people .

  2. They were an 8 seed last year with a young squad and really struggled on defense. Dyami can really fill it up but comparing him to Stefan isn't fair because the supporting casts are entirely different. I wouldn't be shocked if they ended up as high as #4.


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