Armstrong gone from the Classic Lake

As reported by the Star Tribune, the prinicipals and superintendents of the Classic Lake Conference members have voted to remove Armstrong from the league as of the 2010-2011 school year. This is due to Armstrong's enrollment being sufficiently behind that of the other league members. This would put the league down to 4 teams which is under the MSHSL mandate of 5 teams. This has come up before but now it has finally come to a head.

Since these schools have tried for ages to expand the league or move into other leagues (most notably the Lake), I still believe (as I said in May) that this will ultimately come down to the MSHSL moving these teams into leagues which could get really ugly. Granted CDH in the Suburban East has turned out OK and you'll remember that no league wanted them. Remember what happened when the Mississippi 8 formed and leagues everywhere were overhauled? This could be even bigger than that. (Ironically it was the move of Cooper and St. Louis Park to the N Suburban as part of those changes that was the last big move prior to this). It may also be an opportunity for the MSHSL to realign the big schools that are in the Missota Conference. The North Suburban could use a 12th team and rival Cooper is already there. Hmm, could this be the destination for the Falcons?

Read what was said in May about this. That post also contains links to the conference realignment plan for the entire metro that I wrote in August of 2007 and still holds true today.

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