Cooperation in conference realignment

John Millea of the Star Tribune reporting that 8 local AAA and AAAA conferences will convene at the MSHSL headquarters on Dec 1st to discuss the fate of the 4 remaining Classic Lake teams as of 2010-2011. Very smart by the NW Suburban to get that together . Interesting that the Mississippi 8 gets in on it. But with Cambridge-Isanti being a AAAA school that could play with the northern schools of the NW Suburban (as outlined in my realignment plan) and Rogers being part of the Elk River district and fast growing, it made sense. Ironic since it was the Mississippi 8 schools going on their own that started this. But this issue has impacted them too since Zimmerman was added after the Rum River dissolved. Now they have 9 teams which leads to schedule problems and is a real pain for football. But I don't see drastic changes in the Mississippi 8 since a major change would probably warrant discussion with the Wright County. Most likely 1 team moves. The North Suburban likely adds a 12th team (Armstrong?). I think they'll keep it simple despite the need to totally review it.

Remember the fad of big huge super-conferences at the college level when the WAC had 16 teams before splitting into the WAC and Mountain West (which caused that stupid NCAA playin, sorry Opening Round, game). We're getting there in the metro. 12 in the Lake with Chanhassen, 12 in the North Suburban (possibly), 12 in the Tri-Metro, 11 in the MCAA, 10 in the Suburban East when East Ridge joins next year and 10 in the NW Suburban.

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