Brooklyn Center at Roosevelt thoughts

Amazing how loud a gym can get with a small group of fans.  Nothing like 15 kids from each side jawing with 1 group chanting scoreboard.  Standard game fare tonight.  Hot dog not bad, bun was a little shaky though. Disappointing night as this was the only game in town and by my count only 3 Tri-Metro coaches in the building.  I expected more.  Nice to see Ross Ihry back on the BC bench as an assistant after doing a nice job as the head guy 2 years ago.  BC portion of the program from the MSHSL site is all jacked up so names will be difficult.

Game Time
Freddie Young for 3 and then finds Wilfred Kimba for 2 and the foul.  10-4 BC at 10:39.  Roosevelt scorer James Smith picks up #2 a minute later.  Young with a free throws and then converts a Teddy turnover into a layup.  15-10 Centaurs at 9:24, time out Roosevelt.   Dontay Mathews (formerly of St. Francis) for 3 and then a scoop for 2 (I think it was him).  20-10 BC at 7:15 after a 10-3 run.  10-1 Roosevelt counters over the next 3:45 but Smith picks up #3 during the run and has to sit.  The teams trade points to end the half as Calvin Jenkins leads Roosevelt down the stretch.  28-24 Brooklyn Center at the half.

Smith with a slight bump and 20 seconds into the half he has his 4th foul.  BC quickly extends the lead to 10 thanks to Demetrius Anthony with a pair of jumpers (1 for 3) but Jenkins won't go away.  He scores 6 of the next 10 Teddy points.  His jumper coming off a horns set cuts the BC lead to 38-35 with 12:35 to go and the Centaurs need a timeout.  Andre Dubose off the BC bench and he immediately scores inside.  Mathews for 3, Young with 2 straight pick pockets at the point and he converts the second one into a layup.  Dubose again inside.   Young with a jumper and then an assist to Anthony for another triple.  Dubose with a putback to end a 18-5 run over 3:45.  56-40 with 8:50 left and this one is history.  Roosevelt tries to comeback with the press late.  Final margin is Brooklyn Center 66-55.

For Roosevelt, Calvin Jenkins again leads the way.  He had 16 points.  Other top scorer James Smith in foul trouble all night so he's held to 9 points.  Interesting 1-3-1 zone from the Teddies.   A small guy up top but not in the passing lane, big guy in the back.  Back guy moves block to block, middle guy basically doesn't move.  Other 3 guys have to cover the entire perimeter.

For Brooklyn Center, Freddie Young leads the way with 17 points.  He was big in the second half run that put the game away.  Demetrius Anthony with 4 triples and 14 points.  3 in a row on the road over the next 11 days for BC with trips to St. Anthony, St. Croix Lutheran and Breck. 

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