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Another trip to Totino-Grace, this time to see the boys.  No pizza tonight which was a disappointment, but the Walking Taco (that's Taco in a Bag) was quality and nicely priced at $2.  Nice bargain and thank you very much I'll be adding the sour cream and salsa.  Richfield and De La Salle in the building scouting tonight along with a rare Charlie Paxson (MN Glory) sighting.  He was in to watch 3 of his players from Mahtomedi.

Game Time
Alex Kreuser for 3 and a Josh DeMarias 3 point play give Totino a 10-3 lead just over 2 minutes in to the game.  Mahtomedi post Dane Schmid off to a nice start.  He has 6 early points keep the Zephyrs close.  17-11 the Eagles still lead at the 14:09 mark.  Senior guard Ryan Redmond with a pair of free throws adn then a 3 at the 5:19 mark and Mahtomedi is up 33-24 after a 22-7 spurt.  John Crocket with a 3 point play and then a steal for a dunk to cut the Mahtomedi lead to 35-31 at the 3:52 mark.  Soph Justin Pahl of Mahtomedi with a drive, a triple and 2 technical foul free throws in the last minute.  45-38 Mahtomedi at half.  Alex Kreuser spent a large chunk of the half on the bench with 2 fouls.

Kreuser starts the second half with a 3 point play.  Crockett with a jumper and a layin from a Zephyr turnover to cut the lead to 50-47.  After Redmond and Schmid counter for Mahtomedi, Kreuser nails a 3 and Sam Meyer with a layin on another Mahtomedi turnover.  54-52 Mahtomedi with 13:30 left.  Mahtomedi stays on top with Schmid on the post for 2, a set play lob for Andre Arnett, then a very very late whistle on Kreuser is his 4th foul with 11:44 to go.  Bobby Sherwood makes the 2 freebies for a 60-52 Zephyr lead.  Andrew Weiler with a great cut for a layup and Mahtomedi turns it over.  But Totino can't convert 2 chances from that.  Crockett and Kreuser are on the bench and the Eagles just can't generate any offense.  Crockett comes back at 9:20 with the Eagles only down 8 before it falls apart.  Zach Lindquist for 2 and the foul, Pahl for 3, Redmond goes glass and Paul for 2 more.  That pushes the Mahtomedi lead to 73-58 with 6 minutes left and Totino needs a timeout.  The Czar on the other hand is out of time.  I depart as this one appears to be in hand.  Mahtomedi wins 77-69.

For Totino-Grace, they fall to 4-6 with their 4th straight loss.  All 6 losses this season by 10 points or less.  John Crockett leads the way with 18 points for the Eagles.  Josh DeMarias finished with 15 points, most in the first half.  Alex Kreuser in foul trouble all night finished with 13 points.  The Eagles resume North Suburban play at St. Francis on Friday.

For Mahtomedi, they improve to 8-3 but they still don't have a signature win.  Their next 3 games are against Hill-Murray, Richfield and at Sibley which should tell a lot about the Zephyrs.  Their 2 games with Hill-Murray should end up being for the #3 seed in section 4AAA.  Sophomore guard Justin Pahl with a very nice performance of 15 points.  Dane Schmid had productive moments with 12 points.  Bobby Sherwood with 14 points from his guard spot.  Nice night too from the other lefty guard Ryan Redmond with 12 points.  Their bench features a sophomore and a freshman so watch their depth as the season goes on.  Mahtomedi showed the same nice 1-4 high set that Eagan used for Jameson Parsons last month.  Nice addition to it though as the shooter comes off the down screen but the big guy takes a dribble to him so it becomes a double screen after the backdoor cut.

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