2010 Week 2 Fall League Schedule

The schedule for the second weekend of 2010 fall leagues is at the bottom of this post.  Despite a visit to Dacha de Czar from The Emperor and Her Majesty, I will be out and about watching fall leagues this weekend (priorities you know).  Some thoughts on the weekend

Don't know if St. Paul Central will show up this week at Minnehaha as they were a no show last week.  That made for some hectic rescheduling last week (along with Como Park being a last minute dropout).  Best game of the weekend is the De La Salle  vs Duluth East game to end the day at Minnehaha on Saturday.  Johnny Woodard against the full DLS wrecking crew should be a good one as I would think Jonah Travis will be back.  Anoka's Marcus Tyus against the De La Salle defense in the DLS early game is also worth watching.  Tyus had a pair of missed dunks last week but I didn't recall him being that athletic. Having only 5 guys will hurt Anoka in that one. 

On Sunday, 6 pairs of games at the Ganglehoff Center.  Lakeville South vs Rogers at 2:30 is the best game there but Rogers will really get blown out if they play as poorly as they did in the 2nd half against East Ridge Gold last week.  Its a warmup for the big Lakeville South/Eastview showdown next week.  Blaine's Zach Romashko and Heat Black are in action up at Forest Lake along with the Wisconsin Warriors squad that features sharpshooters Connor Miller from Eau Claire Regis and Tyler Forsythe from Maple Northwestern.  My understanding is that the team strongly resembles the Wisconsin Terror team that played on the AAU circuit this summer.

11 AM Breck vs Minnehaha – Ct 1
11 AM Blake vs BBC – Ct 2
11 AM Great River vs Hot Mix – Ct 3
12 PM Breck vs Hill-Murray – Ct 3
1 PM Blake vs Hot Mix – Ct 1
1 PM BBC vs Great River – Ct 2
1 PM Minnehaha vs Sibley – Ct 3
2 PM Anoka vs DeLaSalle – Ct 3
3 PM Central vs Sibley – Ct 2
3 PM Hill-Murray vs Duluth East – Ct 3
4 PM Central vs Anoka – Ct 2
4 PM DeLaSalle vs Duluth East – Ct 3

Kennedy (all games Ct 4)
2 PM Baldwin-Woodville vs Bethany
3 PM Baldwin-Woodville vs MTS Red
4 PM MTS Red vs Bethany

MBA at Prior Lake has the weekend off.

Concordia-St. Paul

11:30 AM East Ridge Gold Southside Court 1  
11:30 AM Southern Stars Owatonna Court 2  
12:30 PM Southern Stars Southside Court 1
12:30 PM East Ridge Gold Owatonna Court 2  
1:30 PM Wizards Rochester Court 1  
1:30 PM West Metro MG Classic Old School Court 2
2:30 PM Lakeville South Drive Rogers #1 Court 1  
2:30 PM East Ridge - Knupp MDB HS Boys Fall Court 2  
3:30 PM Wizards MG Classic Old School Court 1  
3:30 PM West Metro Rochester Court 2  
4:30 PM Lakeville South Drive MDB HS Boys Fall Court 1  
4:30 PM East Ridge - Knupp Rogers #1 Court 2

Forest Lake
1:00 PM Wisconsin Warriors Heat Red Varsity Court 1  
1:00 PM Bulldogs St Paul Centennial White Court 2  
1:00 PM Forest Lake Marron Varsity Heat Black Varsity Court 3  
1:00 PM Zimmerman Thunder jackets2010 Court 4  
2:00 PM Forest Lake Gold Varsity Centennial Red Court 1  
2:00 PM Cardinals Varsity Irondale Court 2  
3:00 PM Forest Lake Marron Varsity jackets2010 Court 1  
3:00 PM Zimmerman Thunder Heat Black Varsity Court 2  
3:00 PM Wisconsin Warriors Centennial White Court 3  
3:00 PM Bulldogs St Paul Heat Red Varsity Court 4  
4:00 PM Forest Lake Gold Varsity Irondale Court 3  
4:00 PM Cardinals Varsity Centennial Red Court 4

12:00 PM Eden Prairie vs Edina I – Ct 3
1:00 PM Jefferson II vs Edina II – Ct 1
1:00 PM Eden Prairie vs Rice Lake – Ct 2
1:00 PM NYA vs Cottage Grove – Ct 3
2:00 PM Jefferson vs Holy Family – Ct 3
3:00 PM NYA vs Rice Lake – Ct 1
3:00 PM Westonka vs Cottage Grove – Ct 4
4:00 PM NC Rams vs Jefferson I – Ct 1
4:00 PM Edina I vs Burnsville – Ct 2
4:00 PM Panthers vs Eagan – Ct 3
4:00 PM Holy Family vs MTS – Ct 5
5:00 PM Edina I vs Eagan – Ct 2
5:00 PM Jefferson I vs Panthers – Ct 3
5:00 PM MTS vs Westonka – Ct 5

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  1. Lakeville South up 28-1 at the half. Game was ugly to say the least.


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