Welcome to Czar Season 4

The start of a new school year means my 4th season is upon us.  This year includes 18 teams changing leagues thanks to the Classic Lake Conference shakeup and 3 schools closing in the 11 metro conferences I follow.  And let's not forget the renaming of Meadow Creek Christian Academy to Legacy Christian Academy.  Section assignments were also updated for this season despite being only 1 year old.  Makes for some interesting assignments such as a pigtail game in section 4AAAA with East Ridge moving up.

Here's an overview of the updates for this season.
  • I introduce The CzarPI.  Its another ranking system for teams across the state.  I intend to publish it throughout the season.  View the 2009 Final CzarPI here.  While its not perfect, hopefully its another useful tool and discussion point for the Minnesota basketball community.
  • The left side of the page now has a "Featured Pages" section where you should be able to find pages regarding items that of most current interest.  
  • Is there a chance that the state's all-time scoring record falls again soon?  Andres Broman is 500 points ahead of Kevin Noreen's pace.  I've started the same tracker that I used for Kevin Noreen's record.  View the Broman tracker here.
  • The 2009-2010 Season has been moved to the archive section
  • 2010-2011 Season menu has been created with all of the usual pages
  • The Featured Players menu has been updated with the players I'll be keeping an eye on in the 2010-2011 Season.
  • With all of the metro realignment completed (for now), the Metro Realignment menu option has been removed and archived with the 09-10 season.  The league websites page has been updated to include the new South Suburban Conference and I've updated the rest of the page with the most current links I could find.
  • Also in the Minnesota Hoops menu, I've created a new Section Maps page that includes a link to a MSHSL map for all 32 sections.

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