Gotta make shots, 09-10 Part 1

Some readers may remember that I did a post last October titled "You have to make shots"  It was an analysis of Hubie Brown's theory that getting more shots helps you be more successful.  Turns out the 08-09 state tournament data didn't show that as I talked about in that post.

So in this first installment of a 4 part series, I bring back that same analysis but using the 09-10 state tournament data, starting with the 8 class A games.  As a refresher, here are the categories Hubie talks about.
  • Offensive Rebounds
  • Turnovers
  • Free Throws
Class A Games
  • Springfield + 5 shot attempts vs Rushford-Peterson, lost 71-63.  Springfield was up 10 at half on 59.3% shooting (7-11 from 3).  They shot 38.9% and gave up 64.7% (6-8 from 3) in the 2nd half. 
  • Cass Lake-Bena + 6 shot attempts vs MN Transitions, lost 69-47.  The Panthers shot 30.5% for the game.
  • Sebeka + 17 shot attempts vs Mesabi East, won 75-51.  Sebeka forced 24 turnovers to their 8.  They made 11 free throws to 5 for Mesabi East.
  • Ellsworth + 3 shot attempts vs Hillcrest Lutheran, won 58-53.  2 point game with 2 minutes left that came down to free throws.  Call this one a wash.
  • Rushford-Peterson + 4 shot attempts vs MN Transitions, lost 56-49.  MTS shot 60.5% for the game (including 12-16 in the 2nd half) to 38.1% for Rushford-Peterson.  Why was this one close?  RP was 11-21 from behind the arc compared to 5-21 inside of it.
  • Sebeka + 4 shot attempts vs Ellsworth, won 61-60.  Sebeka was outshot 42.6% to 50% but had a 10-5 advantage at the foul line and forced 19 turnovers while only giving it up 7 times.  Sebeka makes a clutch shot in the last 30 seconds to win that game.
  • Sebeka  +4 shot attempts vs MN Transitions, lost 61-52.  Sebeka was outshot 54% to 40.7%
  • Rushford-Peterson vs Ellsworth for 3rd place, Ellsworth wins 70-62.  Same number of shot attempts for both teams.  Ellsworth shoots 55.3%, RP shoots 51.1%. 
Out of 7 class A games where a team had more shot attempts, the team with more shots was 3-4.  The team with the higher shooting percentage was 6-2.


  1. Could you try to make it to the International School-Edison game? It is a budding rivalry and you didn't see either play last year (and have never seen the International School if I recall correctly). If you could that would be great. Give some love to the smaller schools. Anyway, love your site and have read it for 2ish years now. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks for following along. I go where the schedule takes me so we'll see what happens but seeing ISM play is definitely something I'd like to do at some point. I'm a small school fan so I definitely try to get them in.

  3. ISM is also playing in the Trinity Christmas tournament, so you can kill a couple of birds with one stone and see some MCAA teams as well.

  4. I saw that, should be an OK event for you guys with Minnehaha, Trinity and East Ridge in it. I think Simley is out at HLWW so it might be a 3 day round robin deal. I've been out to Trinity a couple of times, nice new building and setup out there.


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