Gotta Make Shots, 09-10 Part 3

Here's part 3 of my making shots series (read part 1 here and part 2 here).  This time its a look at the 8 games in class AAA.

Class AAA Games
  • St. Paul Johnson + 4 shot attempts vs Hutchinson, won 80-37.  Johnson wins FG% 46-30.4%, Turnovers 25-14 for a 30-11 points advantage and free throws 25-7.
  • Orono + 11 shot attempts vs Winona, lost 70-57.  Orono shot 40.7% to 69.8% for the Winhawks.  That included 15-18 in the 2nd half.
  • Little Falls + 26 shot attempts vs DeLaSalle, lost 66-61.  Little Falls shot 43.3% to 67.6% for DeLaSalle. Little Falls 18-4 in offensive rebounds and won turnover battle 26-18.  DLS wins 7-2 from 3, 13-7 from the foul line.
  • Benilde-St. Margaret's +19 shot attempts vs Grand Rapids, lost 70-61.  BSM shoots 40% to 58.5% (13-18 2nd half) for Grand Rapids.  
  • St. Paul Johnson +9 shot attempts vs Winona, won 80-55.  Johnson wins FG% 55.6 to 37.8.  Turnovers were a wash but Johnson won the point off of turnovers 28-13.  
  • Grand Rapids + 1 shot attempt vs DeLaSalle, won 57-53 (2OT).  DLS up 4 at half but they shot 32.3% in the 2nd half and overtimes compared to 50% for Grand Rapids.  Overall Grand Rapids wins the FG% battle 42-36.7.
  • DeLaSalle + 4 shot attempts vs Winona, lost 48-32.  DLS shoots 29.7% compared to 54.5% for Winona. 
  • St. Paul Johnson +3 shot attempts vs Grand Rapids, won 59-55.  Johnson wins point off turnovers 23-10 with a 17-13 advantage in turnovers forced.  Johnson also won 2nd chance points 14-3.  Grand Rapids shoots 46.5% to Johnson's 43.5%
Out of 8 class AAA games where a team had more shot attempts, the team with more shots was 4-4 (3 by Johnson).  The team with the higher shooting percentage was 7-1.

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  1. Czar, enjoy your work, interestig stats.

    It was too bad that BSM's leading scorer came down with food poisoning the night before the Grand Rapids game and needed an IV an hour before the game to play. He was held to 7 points, 3-6 with no free throw attempts, 12 points below average. Grand Rapids deserverd to win the game and made a great run through the tournement. Sometimes stats don't always tell the whole story.


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