Gopher Hole interviews Jake Kreuser

In an interview today with, Sibley junior Jake Kreuser talked about his recruitment and game. He hits it on the head when he says he needs to get stronger. Talk is that he had a nice summer for 43 Hoops though I didn't get to see him play for them. I expected him to be a varsity regular last season based on his freshman season, but he had a load of talent in front of him. With Mike Bruesewitz, Chris Halvorsen and Mike Rostampour on the front line this season, he may be in a similar situation. But there are benefits to that. He won't be called upon to carry the offensive load, so he'll be able to defend, block shots and rebound which I think would maximize his effectiveness. Certainly a different situation than fellow 2010 big man Chad Calcaterra who needs to be the offense for Cloquet. Both of these players are scheduled for this season's Timberwolves Shootout (Jan 3, 2009) and it will be interesting to follow their progress.

Read the entire Gopher Hole Interview here.

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