Transferring? No problem, just get a waiver

Nice article today from John Millea of the StarTrib giving some hard data on the number of transfers at the high school level and some of the not so known details. (e.g if you transfer and aren't eligible at your new school, you can still play at your old school). Very interesting to see that 146 waiver requests were filed and 77 of them were granted (52.7%). That number surprised me. Seems like a waiver should be much much harder to get. Are there more loopholes than people think? I think MSHSL Executive Director Dave Stead hit it on the head when he said "The difficulty, I think, is that everyone believes their circumstances are unique."

I'll reiterate what I said Sept 17th, 2007. I hope that Millea follows up on the number of basketball transfers. Let's see before the transfer rule, 1st year of the rule and this year's transfer numbers to get a comparison. Last year they showed only the current data which was 143 transfers and 119 late transfers. I would expect that 1st year to be skewed high with kids trying to get in before the rule change. But this year's number (along with the trend of the next 3-5 years) vs 2 years ago is the one I'd be really interested in.

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