UW-Stout hires 2 assistants with Twin Cities roots

UW-Stout announced the hiring of 2 assistant coaches from the metro today, Josh Hawton and Larry Ronglien.

Coach Ronglien will be the recruiting coordinator after spending 31 years coaching locally (20 as a head coach at numerous local schools, last at St. Louis Park). Head Coach Eddie Andrist said this in the press release.

“Larry’s background and experience speak for themselves. He knows the game inside and out and will be extremely valuable in evaluation of our team and players. On the recruiting side, he knows a ton of coaches and good people in Minnesota and will prove to be invaluable in getting quality student-athletes here to UW Stout."

Josh Hawton will also be involved in recruiting in addition to his assistant coach duties. He's had local stints with Augsburg and Breck in addition to work with the 43 Hoops AAU program. Coach Andrist said this in the press release.

“We are very excited to welcome Josh to the Blue Devil basketball family here at Stout. He is young and energetic and every program needs that infectious enthusiasm to keep everyone sharp. Josh will handle a variety of duties for us with recruiting being right at the top of the list.”

Stout isn't as local to many Wisconsin players as other schools in the UW system. So with that, they continue to look at Twin Cities players. With these 2 hires, this gives some real good access and knowledge of the Twin Cities area.

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