Rodney Williams commits to Gophers

From the Star Tribune, Rodney Williams Jr has committed to the Gophers. Congrats to him, let's hope he can maintain his grades and get that passing score on the ACT. This is a big moment in U of M recruiting. The Dan Monson era was marked by the best MN players leaving (Kammron Taylor to Wisconsin, Cole Aldrich to Kansas, Isiah Dahlman to Michigan St). Wisconsin made a killing getting guys like Jon Leuer, Joe Krabbenhoft and Mike Bruesewitz. Much to my own personal dismay as a Badger, this looks like Tubby slamming the door shut on big programs coming in here and getting the biggest names. Tubby really didn't have a chance with Mike Bruesewitz or Trent Lockett, but he could have done more with Sam Dower. With a post player still needed, we'll see if Tubby ends up regretting that move.

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