Gopher Hole talks recruiting with Rodney Williams

After his mom talked recruiting with the Star Tribune yesterday, Rodney Williams Jr talked to Gopher Hole about his recruitment today. Some highlights.
  • While he's cleared by the NCAA, he still has to retake the ACT and get a higher score than his previous score.
  • The U of M is the front runner to get him, but he'll still visit Santa Clara.
  • Wisconsin quit calling him. (OK that's not news, but being a Wisconsin guy I'm compelled to mention it)
Everybody has been saying he's fine academically, but the news that he still has to get a better score on the ACT is big. Shouldn't be an issue, but it changes the previous perception that his academic issues were just about his grades. Wisconsin probably quit calling him because they're out of scholarships, but ultimately Bo Ryan succeeds with players that are well-rounded and maybe not the most athletic. He's done a terrific job of getting guys to fit his scheme. Williams isn't as well-rounded as guys like a Joe Krabbenhoft so I think that the Badger system wouldn't have been a good fit for his skills. Unlike Minnesota where he's definitely a fit with Tubby's system. Obviously the U of M is the front runner but Santa Clara has a recruiter (Raymond Cowles) on their roster too. Therefore, there it would be understandable if he went there. But since I think this is ultimately about basketball and not academics, I'll be shocked if he ends up anywhere but Minnesota.

Read the entire Gopher Hole interview here.

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