2009 MYAS Spring Championships preview

MYAS loads up their Spring Championships this weekend at the Colin Powell Center in Minneapolis with this list of teams.
  • MN Pump N Run (why here instead of the AAU state tourney as originally planned?)
  • 43 Hoops II (George Hemmingsen's team)
  • Big Game Sports
  • 94 Ft of Game
  • MN Sharks
  • Team Cannon
  • EOTO
  • MN Mavericks
Quarterfinals at 6:20 on all 4 courts look like this.

94 Ft vs MN Sharks
BGS vs Team Cannon
43 Hoops II vs MN Mavericks

Semifinals and consolation games are at 8:40 PM with the championship and 3rd place at 3 PM on Sunday.

On paper Pump N Run is an easy pick over EOTO but with Howard Pulley having the weekend off, how many of their Benilde St Margaret's kids (Darren Glover, Peter Crawford, Myles Barnes etc) will join EOTO. Glover has been hampered by injury so he may not be healthy. If those kids starting showing up for EOTO, then there's some more to this game.

Team Cannon's tandem of Ashton and Blayne Eric (Goodhue) has me pick them over a more athletic Big Game Sports squad. 43 Hoops II big in their game. 94 Ft will be too big and athletic for the MN Sharks.

43 Hoops II over Team Cannon in 1 semifinal. Pump N Run over 94 Ft in the other semi. But PNR was taken to the wire 45-44 by 94 Ft 2 weeks ago at the Midwest Festival of Teams. Pump N Run over 43 Hoops II in the championship game. Dominique Dawson gets held down by the PNR size and 43 Hoops will have trouble generating consistent offense. While that's a nice win, I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing that PNR would have another go around with the Comets Elites, Redhawks, Fury Elite etc in the state AAU series.


  1. Czar,

    I'm assuming you'll put a breakdown for AAU as I see you'll be in Champlin this weekend. Please do me a favor and bring a couple of extra flashlights with you!


  2. HA! I'll be doing individual previews for all 3 divisions of the qualifier. We're all about equal time here. Don't know if I do just the qualifier or try to sneak over for a little bit of the MYAS games.

    I made need more than a flashlight for the games on courts 5 and 6. Man that building is dark.

  3. Notice your suprise on P&N playing in MYAS. Given your "in" status with the club, any thoughts?

  4. Nice job on the quotes. Our state insider informs me that many of the Pump N Run players will be attending a camp on the day of the Sunday of the AAU state championships. That makes it rather pointless to play in the qualifier if you won't end up playing state. So for the record, they're not ducking anybody and everybody has a fair shot at them in July. I'm hoping for a 43 Hoops II vs PNR final in the MYAS tourney. Don't know if the top 43 Hoops clubs have camps these 2 weekends or if their summer league is the reason they aren't playing.

  5. Thanks for the info. You'll notice the 43 Hoops teams this weekend. They'll be the ones with the miners hats on!

    I think the two weekend comittment is keeping some of the 43 Hoops teams away as well.

    I agree with your final in the 17U though. Love the Dawson kid. Still confused over his lack of looks from other programs.


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