East side issues in conference realignment.

The South Washington County Bulletin brings us news that Park may be looking to leave the Suburban East once all of the Classic Lake issues are sorted out. According to the article, Park would have a much different balance in the student population than district compadres Woodbury and East Ridge. The article makes a very good case for moving based on a similar situation at Mounds View (a fellow Suburban East member) and Irondale (also in the Mounds View district but a member of the North Suburban).

Interesting news and their logic makes sense. Only 1 minor problem, where would they go? The Classic Suburban or a new league with some of the Classic Suburban? The St. Paul City, I think not.

(Czar's Note 5/1/09: For the ironic counterpoint to this, we bring you this from the Pioneer Press that says Park isn't going anywhere)

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