Other mid-may 2009 weekend results

43 Hoops Carr at the Adidas May Classic. They advanced to tournament play and took on D1E (Derrick Rose Elite). 37-21 43 Hoops at the half. 67-43 they advance. 5 guys in double figures. Jordan Smith 13 points, Jameson Parsons 12, Estan Tyler, Marquel Curtis and Jake White all with 11. That's the same D1E team that defeated the Pump N Run 16s in Denver last month 43-40 in the semifinals of that tournament.

In Iowa on Friday, MN Heat Elite 16s lose to Speice Mo-Kan and therefore won't make the championship bracket. Magic Elite 16s took out Wear Out The Net 16s 59-58 in a nailbiter.


  1. The Wear out the Net game vs Magic Elite was the worst officiated game I have ever seen. The buzzer did not work on the court they were playing on. WOTN was up 2 with 2 seconds to go in regulation, Vaughn Thada heaved up a full courter, then BP Pajibo got the rebound, came down with it, put it in for 2. And the REFS counted it! The play easily took 7 seconds, but the refs paid no attention to the broken clock whatsoever, and cost WOTN a game in 2 OT, that they technically won in regulation, if the buzzer worked.

  2. Its to bad that some nasty mouthed parents have no class.They decided to tell the players as they left the floor that they didn't earn a win.I've seen alot, but never someone insult a young man like that who had just worked his butt off. I understand that when the Magic team called the timeout there was actually 5 seconds on the clock and the clock operator(WOTN parent)decided to let 3 seconds run off the clock.Thats what I find interesting you didn't mention.I'm wasn't cheering for either team just there to watch so I have no favorites in this matter.

  3. Czar,

    Any update on how Carr's 16U team finished this weekend?


  4. If you want to talk about working your butt off, are you saying the WOTN players didn't? 3 of their players fouled out in regulation and then they were forced to play with 5 kids for the overtimes. Not to mention ANOTHER mistake by the refferees in the 2nd overtime.. Magic won the tip an held the ball the duration of the OT, missed the shot with 2 seconds left, then while the clock was at 0:00 for at least 3 seconds, players were fighting inside for the rebound and the refs called a foul on WOTN, while the game should have gone to 3 OT! But magic hit a free throw and "won the game."

  5. Pimp, your results went up after your post this morning. Nice weekend for the Carr 16s.

    As to the Magic/WOTN game, sounds like worst officiating than I saw in the semifinal this weekend. Its a shame it comes down to issues with those administering the game when the kids leave it all on the floor.

  6. I never questioned the effort of any of the kids.I thought both teams left it on the floor.If you read what my comment was about, It was about the parents feeling that it was up to them to tell the kids that they didn't win the game. If they didn't like the officiating thats fine. As a parent what gives them the right to spew garbage from their mouths and call the KIDS on what had just happened? It was out of their control.I have nothing but respect for coach Erickson and his team and in my mind I think they are one of the better teams at that age group.I hadn't seen the Magic team up to this point and they are very talented as well. NO EXCUSE FOR RUDE PARENTS


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