Session by Session at the Qualifier

3 days, 18 sessions of hoops at this weekend's AAU district qualifer. Of note, at the 14U and 15U level everybody moves on to next weekend. At the 16U and 17U levels, only the top 2 teams from each of the 5 pools move on to the D1 championship. The remaining teams still play next weekend but for the D2 championship. With that in mind, here are my picks for the games to watch in each of the 18 sessions.

Friday (2 Sessions)
6 PM: Fury Blue gets MSB in a 16U game that will likely determine the 2nd team out of pool C.
7:15 PM: A pretty weak session here of 15s and 17s with a 14U game sprinkled in. Howard Pulley White vs MN Magic is an interesting game in pool B of 15U or take in the 43 Hoops Gameli team. If 17U is your fancy, TC Elite vs Fury Gold would be the game to watch.

Saturday (9 Sessions)
9 AM: Only 1 17U game and that's the PNR 16s vs MN Heat Select. Another interesting game here if you have flashlights or a coal miner's hat is the 15U game of 43 Hoops-Daniels vs TC Elite Black on court 6.
10:15 AM: Keep the flashlights handy as Southside takes on Comets Elite in 15U action on Court 5.
11:30 AM: Magic Black vs Comets Seevers in 17U. Loser faces a must win game against Fury for any chance to move on to D1 next weekend.
12:45 PM: Not a bad time for a lunch break here as the 2 17U games aren't compelling. MN Magic vs 43 Hoops-Daniels 15U might be the game to watch.
2 PM: 43 Hoops Gameli vs Comets Elite tops this session.
3:15 PM: Fury Elite vs Comets Seevers in a big pool B game in 17U. A Fury Elite loss puts them behind the 8 ball and Comets Seevers could basically clinch the pool with a win (if they win at 11:30 AM). Southside vs PNR in a good 15U game as well during this session.
4:30 PM: MN Glory vs 43 Hoops II in 16U may be a 1 vs 11 game on paper but I won't be shocked to see 43 Hoops win this one. Loser will have to beat Team Minnesota Elite to stay in the race for D1.
5:45 PM: Triple Threat vs MSB in 17U should decide the 2nd rep from Pool A. But I'll probably be skipping this session and the last session for the MYAS 17U games at 6:20 and 8:40.
7 PM: Only 4 games in the final session of the day. MN Heat Black vs SW MN Heat in 16U Pool B to decide the 2nd rep from that pool. MN Southside vs 43 Hoops Gameli and Comets Elite vs Pump N Run in good 15U Pool C games.

Sunday (7 Sessions)
9 AM: Glory vs Pump N Run 16s to decide Pool D in 17U. Team MN Elite vs 43 Hoops II to decide 1 of the teams from 16U pool A.
10:15 AM: Nothing of note in this session.
11:30 AM: Pump N Run vs 43 Hoops Gameli in 15U
12:45 PM: Heat Elite vs Redhawks and TNL vs TC Elite in a nice pair of 17U games.
2 PM: Fury Elite vs Magic Black to decide the pool or a D1 spot.
3:15 PM: Things quiet down as we drop to 4 games for the final 2 sessions. Magic Elite vs MN Wrath in 16U or MN Suns vs MN Heat Elite in 15U are both worth watching.
4:30 PM: Final session of the weekend. Comets Elite vs MN Heat Black. Could decide the pool or knock the Heat out of the D1 tourney.


  1. Hey Czar why are you not showing any love to the 15U Comets Elite team? Earlier this year they beat the 15U 43 hoops team and played Southside very closely until a late game loss.

  2. No disrespect intended. There's a reason why they were the 1st team mentioned in my preview of that pool. That's a very good Comets team. I only know names (not numbers) and haven't seen enough of them to know who's who.


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