Friday at the 2009 MN Select Classic

1 nice gym setup, 3 courts, 3 sessions as we open in the activity center at St. Louis Park. 43 Hoops teams win at all levels in the early session. Dominque Dawson with 5 in a row late to help push 43 Hoops-Hemmingsen to a 53-37 win over MN Select James.

In session 2 the Dakota Schoolers 14s take out the Midtown Kings 14s 73-59. The Schoolers 15s won 52-39 over TC Elite White. MN Southside blows out the Tri-City Bulldogs 67-43 after starting the game on a 13-2 run with 6 points from Joey King.

In the late session, 43 Hoops Carr 16U blew out Triple Threat-Weber 77-29 and the score could have been much much worse in that 17U game. In 16U, MN Heat Elite finished the 1st half on a 25-4 run over the last 7 minutes vs TNL. 45-19 at the break and the Heat cruise 78-36.

Best game of the night was the Mpls Redhawks vs 94 Ft of Game. Andre Ingram not scoring but he controlled the paint with a minimum of 8 blocked shots and at least 8 boards. 94 Ft stayed ahead for almost the entire game but could never pull away. 37-30 94 Ft with 11:30 left but the Redhawks countered with 7 in a row to tie it within 2 minutes. John Rowland with his usual hot shooting and he nails a triple with 3:30 left to tie the game at 45. The Redhawks down 1 late, 46-45, and almost appear to hold for 1 shot. 94 Ft fouls with 9 seconds left and it turns out they have 1 to give. On the inbound, the Redhawks get a FT line look from Taylor Hanson for the lead with 3 seconds left. After a timeout, the Redhawks steal the long inbounds and hang on for a 47-46 win. Not an impressive performance by the Redhawks but they manage to get a victory anyway. Parker Hines did show flashes of staying at the high level of play he was at last weekend at the Pump N Run tournament.

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