Followup to April period being closed

In April, I posted a article on the impacts of the April period being closed. Andy Katz of ESPN has a different take on it by pointing out that the coaches wanted to see the players but stood up for the principle of closing the period. Are they trying to have it both ways? Here's the link to the ESPN article.

But that doesn't mean its all quiet on the recruiting trail. How about speaking at a clinic? What does that have to do with recruiting you ask. Well, the director of a certain clinic just so happens to be an AAU coach with one of the top 10 kids in 2010 class (Joe Jackson of Memphis White Station, made an appearance at the 2008 TWolves shootout). John Calipari, Bruce Pearl etc, you'd be well advised to speak if you want any chance to get Jackson. Here's the article from Gary Parrish of

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