2010 Mr Basketball finalists named

The 2010 Mr Basketball Final 5 have been named.  Here they are.

Marshall Bjorklund - Sibley East
Trevor Gruis - Ellsworth
Kevin Noreen - Minnesota Transitions
Dyami Starks - Duluth East
Jacob Thomas - Columbia Heights

Thomas is very interesting since he just had a couple of really rough games in front of the committee.  Starks has had a nice year but they obviously were looking for guard balance.  I'd take Alec Brown over Starks, Thomas or Gruis so I'm very surprised he didn't make the list.  Calvin Godfrey would have made it on my list as well as he turns Cooper into a very different team that has been outstanding all year.  Bjorklund and Noreen were locks.  If career accomplishment is part of the criteria, then Gruis is very deserving.  Interesting that 4 of the finalist may not even get out of section play.

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