Section 4A and 4AA Predictions

Its time for the annual predictions to begin.  We start with sections 4A and 4AA.  Only 1 upset in this entire group.  The 1 high profile projection is Maranatha against MTS.  Minnehaha should coast but St. Paul Academy played them tough at SPA.

4A Playin Games
CHOF over Math and Science
Lion's Gate over Prairie Seeds
Bethany over St. Paul Prep

Section 4A Round of 16
West Lutheran over Ascension
Heritage over 4 Directions
New Life over Fair
Humboldt over Lion's Gate
St. Agnes over Bethany

Section 4A Quarterfinals
Maranatha over West Lutheran
PACT over Heritage
MTS over New Life
St. Agnes over Humboldt

Section 4A Semis
Maranatha over PACT
MTS over St. Agnes

Section 4A Championship: MTS over Maranatha

Section 4AA Round of 16
Minnehaha over Arlington
St. Bernard's over St. Croix Lutheran
Concordia over Mounds Park Academy
SPA over International School
Breck over Trinity
Blake over Providence
Roosevelt over Edison

Section 4AA Quarterfinals
Minnehaha over St. Bernard's
SPA over Concordia
Brooklyn Center over Breck
Roosevelt over Blake

Section 4AA Semifinals
Minnehaha over SPA
Brooklyn Center over Roosevelt

Section 4AA Championship: Minnehaha over Brooklyn Center


  1. think you are probably right on your predictions. But I am still kinda upset the way the Region jacked up the brackets. We were set at #7, playing Humboldt afetr our play-in game, and if we beat them (a possibility) playing St. Agnes again on a neutral floor. But the region forgot to include Ascension Academy in the voting and arbitrarily bumped us all down a notch to put them in at #5. As I read the Section, Ascension was in the OTHER SUBSECTION. So I am WTFing here...

  2. Fair Downtown was the other one. Ascension is actually on the other side of the bracket. Sounds like a screw up since the brackets were posted and then redone.

  3. yea, I misread that. But Fair Downtown? they weren't listed on the coaches voting list, so I think just plugging them in arbitrarily, seems kinda funky

  4. Not all that arbitrary. Yes they've beaten no one but they did beat 4 directions who beat Bethany (the #6) and they have a higher power ranking (by 3) than New Life but New Life got the home game.


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